The complaints about Solo Sikoa’s run in WWE is an old-age issue


The recent rumble on social media has revealed an ongoing issue in WWE.

A few weeks ago on Twitter, there were more than a few posts claiming that Solo Sikoa is “over-exposed”. It led to some complaining that Roman Reigns isn’t on WWE television a lot, which then led to a majority defending Solo as a potential top guy for WWE in the near future.

This hit on an old WWE issue, not booking, creative, or even the stars. The major problem right now is the fans themselves. Most probably rolled their eyes since it’s an old cliche utilized by many top heels in the past, but there is major evidence, from a historical perspective, when it comes to star power in WWE and how it rubbed fans the wrong way in the past.

Why did fans get it so wrong about Solo Sikoa’s presence in WWE?

In a historical sense, fans can date back to Hulk Hogan’s and HBK’s respective eras as reasoning for wanting more star power. There were moments when WWE had numerous stars who could carry the company between those times. In 2005, WWE shifted back to the old strategy of having one single face of WWE who typically held the world titles.

It was very rare for John Cena to not hold a world title, as he held one 16 times in WWE for 10 years. Between that time, there were very few other stars that WWE built up and there were many missed opportunities, including Wade Barrett and the late great Umaga.

The same fans who are probably griping and moaning about Sikoa have quickly forgotten those 10 years. The world title reigns of many stars, including Hall of Famer Edge and future Hall of Famer Randy Orton, seem very blurred during that time. It reached the point that all fans really focused on was the fact it always went back to Cena.

It was very hard to build stars during that time, and superstars who seemed to have momentum on their side to have their moment as the main event, it was quickly extinguished when those stars faced Cena. Very few have been able to withstand it to have their own legacy in wrestling history. One good example of an outlier is CM Punk.

With all of that in mind, Sikoa is a fresh-faced star who is building unparalleled momentum as part of the Bloodline. With many trials and errors of potential stars from NXT, including some who just didn’t work out and many others who are still in the midst of adjusting to reach that next level, it’s encouraging seeing Solo stand out consistently week after week.

Solo has shown himself to be a fresh member of the Bloodline. If anything, he has added more time to the overall Bloodline storyline’s shelf life. His presence has added a new element to the group with his hard-hitting style and no-nonsense attitude exemplifies, in another way, how powerful the family is.

Sikoa stood out of the crowd during a time when WWE is still heavily focused on having a singular face of WWE, whether it was Reigns, Cena, or Seth Rollins. The fact he’s standing out in the midst of an old system WWE has in place, along with new approaches in an attempt to build stars,  shows that Sikoa has exceeded expectations when it comes to getting over as a superstar.

In the long run, Sikoa has made himself an interesting Trojan horse in the overall story to the point when he’s going against the likes of Rollins, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, and Cody Rhodes. No matter the result, fans truly believe that the odds are always in Sikoa’s favor, which is a sharp contrast to the old method, which was predictable across the board.

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It’s only the beginning for Sikoa, and fans should be excited for whatever is next, whether it’s a title or eventual main event status. One thing is for sure, Sikoa is just getting started in WWE and it’s a true breath of fresh air in terms of star power for WWE programming.