A turning point for Tasha Steelz this summer in Impact Wrestling


Tasha Steelz is at the top of her game in Impact Wrestling for 2023.

While listening to an interview Tasha Steelz had on WrestlingNewsCo with Steve Fall, there were a lot of interesting points brought up. Ranging from the Impact Wrestling Knockouts champion to the future events being held over the next few months.

There was an interesting point pertaining to her hiatus and an earlier article written by us pertaining to not counting Tasha Steelz out for the remainder of 2023. There is a lot to consider Tasha Steelz with not only the road to Slammiversary but the NJPW and Impact even Multiverse on August 20th.

Tasha Steelz is the wildcard for Impact Wrestling.

The one thing that is certain about Tasha Steelz is that nothing is certain. That much was obvious when Tasha’s alliance with Savannah Evans came to an end. It was obvious that something special was going to happen, but it was hard to pinpoint exactly what.

With an absolutely unpredictable Summer ahead for Impact Wrestling, Tasha Steelz is a competitor with many possibilities. Whether she goes for an IWGP women’s title shot or the Knockouts champion Deonna Purrazzo in Impact Wrestling, it shows unlimited possibilities for the former Knockouts champion.

It’s clear that Tasha is on a mission to surprise people and she thrives on keeping people guessing. She has gone through everything from contract extensions to speculation of her jumping to another company, but it’s clear Tasha has a lot more in mind.

Very few people predicted that Tasha would make history at this stage, but she exceeded all expectations she was on the verge of adding to her collection of history while aligned with Savannah Evans, but the accomplishment of winning the Knockouts Tag team championship on three occasions as an individual, but it was accomplished by Rosemary, Madison Rayne, and Taylor Wilde eventually.

Even though Tasha fell short of being the first to accomplish that in the Knockouts Division, she has compiled more than enough accolades in Impact Wrestling to be etched in history forever. The scary thing is, this higher energy that Tasha Steelz is giving will only lead to so much more.

She has already started speaking some possibilities into existence from a Mercedes Mone match to a Fire N Flava reunion. Nothing is off the table for Tasha Steelz whether it’s in Impact Wrestling or another company. Fans have speculated on many other wrestlers including Mercedes Mone even when it was time to stop predicting at some point, but Tasha feeds off that energy.

When she came back and went against Gisele Shaw, it was evident that Tasha elevated the flava she was bringing after her hiatus. That makes her an interesting person to watch as the road to Slammiversary and Multiverse continues.

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It’s hard to predict what Tasha Steelz will do next, but up to this point, everything Tasha has done has taken fans by storm, and with everything that’s happening in Impact Wrestling, it will be intriguing for what the former Knockouts champion will do next to surprise everyone.