AEW Rampage: The Hardy Boys have an Ego problem


On last Friday’s episode of AEW: Rampage, The Firm was deleted at the Hardy Compound in the “Firm Deletion” match. After being beaten by The Hardys, Brother Zay, and HOOK, it seemed like they had vanquished The Firm for good.

In a backstage segment from Dynamite, “All Ego” Ethan Page approached The Gunns. The brothers had been complaining about how they didn’t receive a rematch for their tag team titles. Page hopes they win the tag titles back. He also wants them to go back to being his friend because he “has a problem and I need help.” They decided to hear him out “for old time’s sake.”

Later on Rampage, the Hardys and Brother Zay had some mic time with Tony Schiavone. Their contracts with The Firm have been “deleted”. Jeff said now that they are free, he and his brother can “get back to our final run and finally become the AEW tag team champions for the first time, baby!”

They were rudely interrupted by The Gunns, who weren’t having it. Austin congratulated them on the “Firm Deletion”. After speaking with Page, they decided to “help him with the problem that is…this” (not to be confused with “The Problem” Marina Shafir). He confirmed that their friend still wants to beat up the Hardys and Zay and that they, too, want to beat them up.

Matt doesn’t have an issue beating up the Brothers Gunn but isn’t keen on facing Page since he’s been trying to get away from him for eight months. When asked if it was because they were scared to face the Gunns, Matt said “Not at all” and laid out a stipulation. If they win, the Hardys are in control of Page’s contract. The Gunns conferred with themselves and said, “Ethan accepts.”

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Before leaving, Colten remembered he knew how to talk and said they were the best brother tag team in AEW and the Hardys will never get the tag titles as long as they were around.

Page, The Hardys, and Zay have had one of AEW’s longest-running storylines. It all started on “Being the Elite” when Matt wanted penance for his treatment of Private Party.  It grew into HFO and the AHFO for a while. Much of the story played out on Dark Elevation and Dark

It finally picked up momentum when fans thought Matt and Zay were friends with Ethan. Page and Matt have really great chemistry, so they should be able to sustain the story a while longer without it getting stale. Adding in The Gunns brings a new layer to the story, especially with their ties to the tag team titles.