Trish Stratus should get one more run as women’s champion


Trish Stratus is an important part of history for women’s wrestling and should get one more run at the top. 

The Monday Night Raw women’s division is at an interesting place post-WWE Draft. Rhea Ripley stands tall as champion (even though she is carrying the SmackDown Women’s Championship), new individuals like Zoey Stark and Indi Hartwell are on the roster, and Trish Stratus versus Becky Lynch is an important feud outside the title picture. Expectations are that Lynch will get her revenge against Stratus, but what happens if the Canadian star comes out on top? Could Stratus find a way to reach a title run one last time in her career? It would be an interesting wrinkle to throw a curveball at women’s wrestling on Raw.

Stratus is one of the most important women to ever step into a professional wrestling ring. Her career through the early 2000s helped the industry get to the point it’s reached today with women’s wrestling. Yes, she came in as a diva and was involved in many problematic angles during her time, but the fact that she overcame those odds to be taken as a credible superstar is an important accolade.

Pairing Lynch and Stratus together is a smart move for the women’s division. It gives that group another feud outside the title picture to pay attention to for the months to come. It’s expected that they will face off at Night of Champions, but if WWE keeps that angle running for months, this could be a big match for SummerSlam, with Stratus getting the final victory.

Pitting a heel Trish Stratus against his version of Rhea Ripley would certainly attract attention. Ripley is recognized as one of the best young talents in wrestling and someone that WWE can build around for a long time. The swerve of Stratus using her experience to get an initial win over Ripley to take the title would catch many off guard, putting Ripley on the course to chase and get the belt back.

Stratus may not be at the in-ring level she was 20 years ago, but she can still do enough work together a good match. WWE rarely gives women the same opportunity for lengthy runs at later stages in their careers. Yes, Stratus is 47 years old, but if they can believe a 49-year-old Edge can challenge for the title, they can believe a multiple-time champion and Hall of Famer could do the same for the women’s division.

Trish Stratus is an icon in professional wrestling and seeing her get back to the title one last time for this generation of fans would be a big moment, and one that would add another important notch to Rhea Ripley’s time at the top.

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