Sammy Guevara Has The Biggest Upside Of The Four Pillars


The Four Pillars angle in AEW will set the tone for the company’s young stars in the future and Sammy Guevara has the biggest upside.

Double Or Nothing is next week and the main event pits MJF, Sammy Guevara, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, and Darby Allen against each other for the AEW World championship. These four men are known as the four pillars of AEW. These four men have been heralded as the future of AEW by themselves, the company, and their peers. All of these men have seen success, and championships at some point, with MJF currently holding the AEW world championship.

However, Darby Allen is a multi-time TNT champion, Jungle Boy is a former AEW tag team champion, and Sammy Guevara has the most TNT championship reigns out of any wrestler in the company’s history. It would seem as though MJF has the highest upside, due to him being the highest on the card at the moment. However, the wrestler with the highest upside is the Spanish God himself Sammy Guevara.

Sammy Hasn’t Reached His Peak

Fans have already seen what MJF is like in phenomenal feuds, and stellar writing, and he is currently at the top of the game, and arguably the top of the industry. Fans have seen MJF’s upside as fans, but we have not seen Guevara reach his full potential.

Guevara has been featured in some of the greatest AEW matches, and although he is widely hated amongst the AEW fans, it seems as though almost every match, at some point he is cheered because of how great he is in the ring. Guevara has not had many stories to sink his teeth into to make him the revered character he can be. AEW All Access has given fans a great insight into Guevara but the Spanish God needs more important stories to reach his peak like AEW has done with MJF.

If AEW provides Guevara with the storylines, he will provide the classic matches, and he can truly be one of the biggest wrestlers in the industry.

Capitalize On Online Hate

Guevara has a special ability to be emphatically booed, arguably even more than MJF when he comes out, due to most of the fans hating him not only on screen but online and in his personal life. Guevara has leaned into that hatred, but AEW can do a lot more with it, and a lot more in the ring.

There have been massive heel power couples in pro wrestling before with the likes of HHH & Stephanie McMahon, Edge & Lita, etc that helped elevate both wrestlers into bigger spots on the card. AEW has a chance to create the biggest male and female heels in the company if they lean far more into why so many people online hate them, and use their hate to elevate them up the card, guaranteeing hate from fans and sympathy for the babyfaces involved.

Sammy Turns Extreme

Adding a more hardcore or physical element to Guevara’s character could give him a more believable path to achieving his destiny as AEW World Champion, doing whatever it takes to hold the gold. Guevara does some of the wildest high spots that are seen in professional wrestling and he has all the capabilities of putting on five-star matches when he is in the ring, but if Guevara is able to lean into a bit more of the physicality and violence, he could bring his character to the next level.

This element can be pulled in singles matches, or with his partner Tay Melo, who is known as ” the street fight.” Melo and Guevara are one of the biggest couples in the company, but AEW can do a lot more to dive into their chemistry in the ring and have a similarly brutal and violent style.

Guevara idolizes Jeff Hardy, and it’s easy to see in his wrestling, but if he can bring in some ECW Antics to his character, he can begin to be highly revered by the fans just like many of the ECW wrestlers were after creating so many violent matches. Guevara can add a rock star element to his character like Machine Gun Kelly breaking glass on his head. Guevara’s journey still centers around him being that kid with a dream of becoming the champion, but if his story becomes him having to find a deeper and darker path to achieve his dreams, it could add the element to make him the best thing going on in wrestling.

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