AEW Fight Forever releases on June 29, 2023

After months of silence on Twitter and news channels, AEW Fight Forever has a few nuggets of information on their release date.

Yuke’s, the developer of AEW Fight Forever, has hinted to Fightful that the game might be released around the same time as AEW Forbidden Door on June 25. That is what Fightful’s alumni, Mike Straw, understood, but other websites claim that the game will come out the following Tuesday, June 27.

Since that rumor kicked off, the game has been officially announced via an AEW press released for Thursday, June 29. The game will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X, PC and Nintendo Switch.

In retailer news, AEW Fight Forever has been a point of confusion among Best Buy and Game Stop franchises, but Microsoft’s Xbox has pre-orders on their website. Xbox has released all the achievements as well. At least this gives us satisfaction that AEW isn’t canceling the game anytime soon.

As we have covered, AEW Fight Forever was slated to have a few release dates in 2022, but it got pushed back because of complications. The new update that it is coming “sooner than later” doesn’t instill much confidence, but at least the team is still working on it. Reports say that most of the teams have wrapped up their part last year and it has been sitting behind developer red tape as they figure out how to tone down the gore for a T rating. Ah…the joy of game delays.

Early playtesters claim that the game is very different in play style from WWE 2K23. The most positive difference is that it is going to be a single release with multiple updates. Gamers have dreamed of a single-game franchise that didn’t need sequels and could be updated with the roster. Will AEW Fight Forever be that game? There’s also a question as to whether any wrestler who signed in 2023 will be available on day one.

Tony Khan has become an update machine over the past few weeks. AEW is getting a new show, Forbidden Door updates, CM Punk’s return, and Fight Forever optimism. Let’s hope all these promises come out in spades.