Bron Breakker’s main roster run must begin after WWE NXT Battleground 2023


Bron Breakker has done all he can in WWE NXT and the next phase of his career awaits on the main roster. 

NXT Battleground 2023 is a strong card with several big matches slated for the WWE NXT brand. At the top of the showcase is a rematch between former, two-time NXT Champion, Bron Breakker, and the man that took the title from around his waist, Carmelo Hayes. This contest features two of the most important young talents on the WWE roster. Expectations are that Hayes will keep the title, furthering what should be a long-term run at the top of the brand. For Breakker, this should signal his final run in NXT, as a call-up must be on the horizon.

With a combined 425 days between his two championship runs, many would agree that there’s not a lot left for Breakker to achieve in WWE NXT. That run of dominance saw him pick up wins over a multitude of big names on the show, a list that includes Joe Gacy, Cameron Grimes, JD McDonagh, and even GUNTHER. Three of those four names have been called up to the main roster, and it’s time that Breakker joined them for the next phase of his career.

Hayes dropping the belt to Breakker at this point would be a head-scratching decision that would leave a lot of fans perplexed. WWE has turned its focus from short, spur-of-the-moment title runs, to longer stints as champions to build the value of both those individuals and the belts that they carry. Hayes is set to get a run of his own, as he’s shown that he’s one that can carry the flag for WWE NXT. So, it only makes sense to send Breakker to the main roster, but where does he fit in?

Bron Breakker’s initial run as a babyface was strong in NXT. The latter portion was growing stale, as things tend to do when an individual is given the same type of booking each time out. But his turn toward the dark side has re-engaged fans, igniting some interest in him – even if it is only for a fleeting moment. Taking that same character to the main roster would be the best fit for him at this time. Give Breakker the slow burn build that leads to more long-term value. Look at how the same style of build has helped Bronson Reed in his return to the WWE. Even GUNTHER went the slow route during his start on the main roster which has helped him reach consideration as one of the best performers in the world.

Breakker doesn’t immediately need to carry that same type of pressure, but there are ways WWE can put the spotlight on him right out of the gate. Think about feuds for Breakker against individuals like Sheamus, Mustafa Ali, or even someone like Edge.

This is an opportunity for WWE to do something interesting with one of the young talents that the company obviously sees long-term value in. The first step in doing so is to move him up to the main roster and that comes after what should be a swan song at WWE NXT Battleground 2023.

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