Kamille’s silent but historic and dominant run in NWA


Kamille has put together quite the run as champion in NWA but it is still overlooked by many.

The women’s division around the world has gone through shifts with superstars making their debuts, new champions, and even new championship belts. Kamille won the NWA women’s championship on June 6th, 2021 and everything since then has been silent history amidst all the change.

Since Kamille’s debut, she showed a unique presence where she doesn’t have to be the most vocal in the arena but she lets her presence tell the story. Kamille’s reign has stayed true to her overall career since she was first introduced to the audience.

Kamille’s NWA women’s championship reign tells her story.

Kamille was aligned with former NWA world champion Nick Aldis. In all scenarios, she stayed completely silent as Nick or other competitors did all the talking. Even as history was made on NWA Powerrr consistently and around the wrestling world, Kamille stayed silent.

Even though Nick Aldis was a great NWA champion, Kamille played a major role in adding more interest to his reign. She was consistently the wildcard and showed no fear in any situation or anyone. She even went nose-to-nose with Tim Storm in a heated altercation.

It became a constant thing with anticipation of Kamille breaking her silence, but it didn’t happen for many episodes. It wasn’t until very later on that Kamille finally broke her silence to explain that she doesn’t need to always talk to prove a point, it was clear that she was not like anyone else.

Kamille was a prime example of not needing to hold a championship or a contender is not always necessary to make an impact. Since the original days of NWA Powerrr, she has become a notable pillar and one of the last pieces of the original incarnation of the show that still remains today.

As soon as she turned her attention to gaining championship gold in NWA, she gained her first taste of gold in NWA with ease and since then, she has had two years of dominance within the women’s division.

It’s very easy to be distracted by all the changes from Mercedes Mone to Trinity Fatu debuting in Impact Wrestling. It seems like there is more news every day from all major companies when it comes to the women’s division.

Some are taking this moment to shine and become more vocal than ever before as they continue to make history. It has made the women’s division hit new all-time highs on a daily basis in terms of star power.

Everyone is making their position in their respective division whether it’s a major company or the independent circuit. every competitor that there is no time better than now to forever leave their mark in these defining years of women’s wrestling.

Even with all the changes, Kamille has remained on NWA and even though she speaks, she has not tried to speak louder. That’s probably because Kamille is on the verge of breaking two of the longest reigns in the last two decades which is MsChif at 818 days and the first ballot hall of famer Jazz who had 948 days as champion.

Kamille is sure to stay silent as she literally stands at the door of breaking records in this modern day. Unlike many competitors in both the men’s and women’s divisions who would parade about it, Kamille would most likely celebrate by just competing and breaking another competitor in the ring.

She has stayed true to who she has always been as she continues to prove why she is the true personification of a super athlete. Kamille has continued to do it her way and fans who remember the earliest episodes of NWA Powerrr have to appreciate the fact Kamille has continued to stay true to who she is as a competitor.

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Even with everything that is happening in the women’s division, it’s worth not forgetting about Kamille and showing appreciation not just for her reign, but the fact she has stood tall and dominated her way in NWA.