Asuka must remain champion against both Charlotte Flair & Bianca Belair


Asuka is at the start of what should be a big title run and has to come out of this first feud as champion. 

The latest edition of WWE SmackDown saw the beginning of a major angle. Asuka was presented with the WWE Women’s Championship, and before she could even get it on securely, Charlotte Flair walked out – demanding a title shot. Adam Pearce was pushed into a hard place because Bianca Belair was waiting for him in the office. Coming off a 400+ day run as champion, she has a claim to a rematch. All within the storyline, sure – but if WWE is going to make Asuka into the credible champion fans have long wanted to see, she must come out of whatever is built with the championship over her shoulder.

This is Asuka’s fourth run as a main roster champion. She has five singles title runs overall if you count her 510-day run as champion in WWE NXT. Asuka’s achieved every accolade that is possible for a women’s competitor in the WWE. However, there’s still a loud contingent that will push the idea that she’s booked at a tier that’s less than individuals like The Four Horsewomen or Belair. That especially runs true when compared to Flair, as it does for most women.

It was Flair that not only ended Asuka’s first run as champion when she held the SmackDown Women’s Title back in 2019, it was Flair who also ended Asuka’s undefeated streak. To some, Asuka has never recovered from that match and that is a debate that will continue to rage. But looking forward to a potential angle that involves Asuka, Belair, and Flair, this is an opportunity to further solidify Asuka’s position in the pantheon of women’s champions.

All roads are seemingly leading toward a triple-threat match between the three ladies. Planting that contest in 2023 Money in the Bank would be massive and an early candidate for the match of the night. It will be unfortunate to many, but that sets the stage for Belair to be the woman pinned, leaving things unfinished between Asuka and Flair. According to Cagematch, Flair, and Asuka have competed in 33 singles matches, with Asuka surprisingly winning 20 of those contests to Flair’s 13. In singles title matches, Flair holds the advantage 2-1. Yet, perception is the name of the game and Asuka’s current image and trajectory cannot suffer another defeat at Flair’s hands at this time.

Giving Asuka a big win over Flair would not only help her reign but the rest of the division as well. Think of the growth an individual like Iyo Sky would have if she claimed the Money in the Bank and picks up a big win over Asuka. Perhaps that even comes after Asuka put in a tremendous effort to overcome one of her biggest foils. The opportunity is right there, with a variety of stories to be told if WWE only decides to go in another direction than what has typically occurred in the past.

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