Zoey Stark is WWE’s next top worker in the women’s division


Zoey Stark’s immediate insertion into a major storyline shows that she’s ready for the big time on the main roster.

Various aspects of WWE’s 2023 draft have been assessed and critiqued online in the days and months after. One of the least controversial takeaways is that Zoey Stark is WWE’s next top worker in the women’s division now that she has hit the main roster. Arguably the best NXT call-up of the class, Stark was already a top worker for the company. On the main roster, though, her abilities are already being packaged refreshingly to a much larger audience.

WWE is Playing to Her Strengths

Stark is absolutely fine with a microphone, which is more than some of WWE’s current main roster ladies can say. Her strength, though, is fighting. In-ring or backstage, Stark is an incredibly athletic performer, and any opportunity to showcase her move-set is an opportunity to sell her to fans. For example, her appearance at Night of Champions was brief but looked incredibly cool. A Z-360 and toss back into the ring was all it took to make a lasting impression.

Z-360 is a fun move and isn’t commonly used, which helps. But through her time in NXT, Stark has had plenty of other highlights that didn’t come at the end of the match. WWE used her last few weeks on NXT to put over nearly the entire main event scene with a solid television match to help them build momentum into what would end up being an NXT Women’s Title tournament. That WWE wanted to use an outgoing star so frequently on TV says it all; her most significant strength is her actions. She can work with anyone to get a solid match. So it has been helpful that her first real story allows her to flex that muscle and let some A-plus promos build the heat.

A Major Main Roster Angle

Being put in the ring with WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is probably a bit nerve-racking. Being set as her teammate against Becky Lynch and, assumedly, Lita when she returns is something else entirely. Going from NXT to the fourth member of the Becky and Trish rivalry is a massive step. Getting a qualifying match for a showcase at the Money in The Bank premium live event would be considered a big deal for a recent call-up, and it is frankly the least memorable moment of her main roster run so far.

Working with legends like Lynch and Startus is a sign that WWE knows Stark has the potential to be a part of the division for a while. How they are choosing to use her, though, is incredibly telling. The role of protege and muscle for a more established star is only sometimes a path to the main event. Instead, it is usually made to introduce a solid worker as somebody fans should care about in the ring. Men across multiple promotions have utilized this booking to great success. Her role in this story and inclusion in it at all will give the fans something to remember when she becomes a fixture of the title scene in the future.

Star Making Opportunities on PLE

Yes, her inclusion in the Stratus and Lynch feud will be how fans come to define her by and large. However, WWE has always been good about giving her featured matches since she always delivers in those moments. Zoey Stark, at a very early stage in her career, will be live in London, competing in the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder match. A spot in one of the promotion’s signature matches in front of a hot international crowd is perfect for a talented young call-up to stand out. Her performance in the NXT women’s ladder match at Stand and Deliver proves she can put on a great show in that environment.

Early signs indicate her being given even more opportunities beyond London in the coming months. Zoey Stark has already appeared in a Royal Rumble, but her in-ring ability on NXT will probably convince Triple H and the team backstage to slot her in as this year’s iron women. Also, her association with Stratus could even land her a spot in a traditional survivor series or War Games match in November if Trish is sticking around this year. Even if she isn’t a central part of the story each week, getting all those high-profile matches will do wonders for her workhorse persona. If Zoey Stark is WWE’s next top worker, she must work in the ring. Getting into even a few of these iconic matches will help to establish that with the fans.

Women’s Wrestling: Zoey Stark is WWE’s Next Top Worker

Stark may never eclipse women like Charlotte, Becky, Bianca Belair, or Asuka. However, being the top worker in the division doesn’t strictly require you to do the most interviews or sell the most merchandise. Fans today often debate how much a singular star does to move the needle for a massive corporate entity. What is not open for debate is that every top guy needs an opponent.

Zoey Stark is being built for that position in a way only some other women superstars have in the past four years. She has been given a main event rival in Becky Lynch, a legendary on-screen mentor in Trish Stratus, and ample opportunities. Both in terms of showcasing her impressive in-ring ability and giving her high-profile matches like the upcoming Money in the Bank match. Stark was a consistent presence on NXT, a hallmark of being any roster’s top worker. By this time next year, fans will probably be able to say the same thing about her position on Raw.

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