AEW must continue to flesh out the trios division around House of Black


House of Black are excellent champions, but the entirety of the AEW Trios Division is lacking and must be fixed. 

All Elite Wrestling did an excellent job building out the tag team division when the company started. It was one of the biggest attractions of the promotion. Unfortunately, that has shifted, as some of the momentum for the tag team division has waned. With FTR at the helm, that can change, but the same needs to happen with the AEW Trios division. House of Black are capable champions and that division needs to be fully developed before interest in the trio and those titles falls off.

Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews are a dominant force as a unit. They’ve held those championships for 101 days as of this writing, first picking them up from the Elite at AEW Revolution. During that run, they’ve picked up wins in six title defenses, but none of those groups felt like threats to the title. Even at Double or Nothing, the trio went into the PPV with an open challenge situation that was answered by The Acclaimed. This was a match that was better fit for an episode of weekly television, rather than a PPV.

So, what does that mean when there’s a strong champion but the rest of the division is lacking? AEW has one big benefit in its back pocket that organizations like the UFC do not have when dealing with weak divisions – the show is scripted. With AEW Collision set to launch on June 17, there’s room to do a lot of work building a fleshed-out trio’s division. In many ways, that’s starting at the top with CM Punk’s return immediately slotting him next to FTR. If the latter drops the tag team titles, think about what this group of competitors could do in a full-on feud with HOB.

While that is a great feud to look forward to, that still does not build out a full division. AEW should look at doing more matches and brief feuds between some of the trio’s teams that are available on the roster. This was one way that the rankings from AEW’s beginning helped because it forced action throughout the division. Trios does not have that, which makes it hard to find challengers for the champions. There are groups out there that could work – but the time must be made to commit to the entire division on a consistent basis.

House of Black is a strong championship unit to build around. Fans consistently clamor to see more of them on television. To do so, AEW must find a way to focus on this division and build it around them. Hopefully, AEW Collision gives the promotion more opportunities to do so.

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