WWE Raw Predictions: Logan Paul Will Replace Ricochet


WWE Raw is on the road to WWE Money in the Bank 2023. On this week’s episode of WWE Raw, Logan Paul is set to return and Seth Rollins is scheduled to have an open challenge for his World Heavyweight Championship. It can be presumed that Dominick Mysterio or even the rumored JD McDonagh will answer that challenge since it would make sense for Rollins to run through the sidekicks of Judgment Day before battling Balor in their scheduled title match at WWE MITB 2023.

That open challenge should be a cakewalk for Rollins, as there is no chance in hell he loses his title before MITB. On the other hand, the MITB Ladder Match will not be a cakewalk. Although there are no scheduled MITB Qualifying matches next week, there is still one more woman left to qualify for the Women’s MITB Ladder Match. It will be interesting to see if Raquel Rodriguez or a surprise participant from NXT like Roxanne enters the MITB Ladder Match in that final spot.

Speaking of the MITB Ladder Match, the following will focus on what’s next for Logan Paul and his return in what should be an exciting episode of WWE Raw.

WWE Raw is scheduled to take place on June 19, 2023, live on the USA Network, and Logan Paul will replace Ricochet in the MITB Ladder Match.

Remember when Logan Paul had a gnarly aerial clash with Ricochet in the Royal Rumble? That was one of the most memorable moments in the Rumble this year, but WWE never followed through on it. Now that Logan Paul is returning to Raw after his WrestleMania 39 loss to Seth Rollins, he can tie up that loose end with Ricochet from their epic Rumble moment by replacing him in the MITB Ladder Match and proceeding to win the MITB Briefcase in order to avenge former MITB Winner, Seth Rollins, and cash in to become world champion. Here’s why.

The WWE has six scheduled contestants for the MITB Ladder Match this year: (1) Ricochet, (2) Shinsuke Nakamura, (3) Damian Priest, (4) Butch, (5) Santos Escobar, and (6) LA Knight. Four of these contestants (i.e. Ricochet, Shinsuke Nakamura, Butch, and Santos Escobar) are babyface. Usually, WWE likes to balance out their faces and heels in these ladder matches. It is not coincidental that these contestants are already scheduled 3 weeks ahead of MITB. There has to be some last-minute swerve coming where a heel replaces a babyface to maintain a 50:50 ratio.

Other than the babyface heel dynamics balancing act proposed above, the WWE’s field of Men’s MITB Ladder Match participants is as mid as it can get. Like Ricochet, Nakamura, the dark horse of MITB this year, is in this match for the high spots, has been booked as Bronson Reed’s punching bag, and will likely be screwed by Reed in the match since Reed is salty about losing to them on Raw. Damian Priest will get screwed by either Finn Balor or his protege, JD McDonagh, after their recent tension, signs of Judgment Day dissension, and suspicious conversations backstage.

Butch is merely in this match because he is from the UK, where MITB is located, but he is just a sidekick in the Brawling Brutes and has not been booked with the credibility and momentum to be a future world champion. Like Butch, Santos Escobar is also just a sidekick in the LWO and has also not yet been booked with the credibility and momentum to be a future world champion. LA Knight is the most popular choice from the fanbase to win MITB, but even he was on a losing streak just a month ago. By process of elimination, Logan Paul is their best shot in the dark at this point.

Unlike the current participants in the MITB Ladder Match, Logan Paul has gone toe to toe in singles matches with main eventers like Roman Reigns, The Miz, and Seth Rollins. Although he is not a full-time superstar like the other diligent superstars in the locker room, he has proven that he can hang in the big leagues. If he won MITB for shock value, he would fit in the main event scene as Mr. MITB like a glove. After he signed his new contract with WWE this year, he himself said that he wants to win a championship in 2023. Maybe that ‘broken dream’ will finally come true.

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