Ricochet vs Logan Paul for the MITB briefcase would be an interesting feud for SummerSlam


If Logan Paul really is going to win the 2023 Money in the Bank briefcase, he should be booked into an angle to defend it against Ricochet. 

Logan Paul walked into the June 19 edition of Monday Night Raw and declared his spot in the 2023 Money in the Bank ladder match. Of course, fans are up in arms at the idea that Paul can demand a spot without having to win a qualifying match like everyone else, but this is the WWE – certainly, there’s going to be outrage. But before Paul could continue his shenanigans, Ricochet came to the ring to make it clear he intends on crushing Paul’s hopes. While no one believes WWE would book Ricochet over Paul, the idea of these two men battling in an extended feud through SummerSlam is a compelling idea.

Do not be surprised if Logan Paul wins the Money in the Bank this year. Yes, everyone is clamoring for LA Knight to snatch the briefcase and spend the next few months tormenting Seth Rollins. But WWE consistently books for clicks and Paul sadly catches eyeballs whenever he’s in front of a camera. With Vince McMahon fiddling around in some aspects of creative, one should expect some type of tomfoolery to go down on July 1.

So, let’s say Paul walks out of London with the briefcase. He’s going to be a threat to Rollins. These two had a back-and-forth feud to start off the year. But WWE shouldn’t immediately jump to this matter. Instead, have Paul go through Ricochet to pick up a solid victory before turning his attention to the main event. Ricochet and Paul wowed the crowd during the Royal Rumble when they crashed into each other in mid-air, a moment that was perhaps one of the main highlights of the event. Set the stage for these two men to have animosity by having Paul cost Ricochet the briefcase right before securing it himself. Put the pieces into play early.

While Rollins is finishing off his feud with Judgement Day, perhaps leading to a three-way battle at SummerSlam, give Paul and Ricochet the time to do battle on their own. They could have an excellent match with several big spots that could easily go viral. That’s a major metric for sports entertainment today and Paul has consistently delivered in that space. With a win over Ricochet, he can boast about defeating the former United States and Intercontinental Champion before heading on to tempt Rollins.

Few imagined the idea of Logan Paul and Ricochet being involved in a series of big moments throughout the year. But this is an opportunity to give Paul some legitimacy and put him on the correct path to being the one to hold the briefcase for 2023. And it starts with these two men facing off at SummerSlam.

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