Who should be the next challenger for the AEW international title?


The next challenger for the AEW International Championship should be a man with a past that involves both Orange Cassidy and that title.

Orange Cassidy has been defending his AEW international championship in open challenges and has presented himself as the most laid-back fighting champion in wrestling history. The reigning champion has racked up victory after victory adding to his overall reign.

The next challenger should be someone who truly has a chip on the shoulder and could build a long-term rivalry with Orange Cassidy. This person has held the AEW international championship but didn’t get the same respect or exposure as Orange Cassidy and he goes by the name Pac.

The reason Pac should challenge for the AEW International championship.

Pac was the inaugural winner of the International Championship and his reign was a sharp contrast to what’s given to Orange Cassidy. It seemed like at one point that AEW was flooded with championships and had no way to present this title as a valuable championship in programming.

During Pac’s reign when it was known as the All-Atlantic championship, Pac was not shown on the main flagship shows as much and it became very easy to forget that this championship existed. It was questionable since Pac has been known for being a front-and-center champion consistently in his career.

It seemed like until Pac’s reign came close to an end, it wasn’t given a lot of meaningful exposure. Especially with the different types of rivalries and possibilities that were left unsaid during Pac’s reign, but it wasn’t given attention until close to the end as he dropped it to the current reigning champion Orange Cassidy.

These are the first two title reigns for this belt, but they couldn’t be more different and it’s enough to put these two competitors against each other. Pac has been known to stand out in moments where he has had a chip on his shoulder and this could be no exception.

As Orange Cassidy continues a long reign that is filled with challengers lining up and a guaranteed spot every week on AEW Dynamite, it is the perfect chance for Pac to reappear for the championship to rectify his first title reign.

It would also be symbolic to have them go at it one more time to settle the double standard in title reigns between the two competitors. Pac would also live up to his reputation as a non-conforming competitor in AEW who continues to take down the poster boys of commercial success.

Pac has been gone since his focus was on the Trios championship, and it’s clear it’s time for a change in focus. It was reported that Pac has had an injury and he has since been recovering, it would be the perfect case scenario to have him focused on the international championship.

It would be a unique situation with Orange Cassidy in the midst of a long title reign. He has defended the title in open challenges and exhibition bouts with only a few being possible favorites to actually take the title from him, but Pac would be considered a favorite among them all.

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As Orange Cassidy continues the reign, the hope is that AEW will explore the inaugural champion coming back to the title picture with a vengeance. Fans will just have to wait and see who will step up for the international title next.