AEW success with All In is direct influence on potential London WrestleMania


Competition is what’s best for professional wrestling and this is another example of its positive effects as a London WrestleMania seems likely.

Professional wrestling will always be a business first and decisions are made with the best business in mind. It was business that set the situation for John Cena to surprise the WWE Universe with a big return at Money in the Bank in London, England. He wasn’t there to announce a big match, instead, it was to push for WrestleMania to happen in that major city. This can directly be tied to the success that AEW is seeing with All-In and is yet another example of why success for both companies is what’s best for business.

Cena and Grayson Waller traded barbs and fisticuffs for a few moments, but the job was done – creating the buzz about a potential WrestleMania going down in London, England. London is a city with massive professional wrestling roots and the fans always show out when there’s a show in that city, as rare as they are from major, North American promotions. But this move to incite the masses about the idea of the show wasn’t just a coincidence, especially not when decision-makers in the WWE can see what’s going on with All-In.

According to WrestleTix, as of July 4, 74,888 tickets have been distributed for All-In, set for Sunday, August 27 in Wembley Stadium. All without a single match announced. This event has the potential to smash records for that stadium and is already a massive success for a promotion that is less than five years old. It’s a major sign for the viability of professional wrestling, especially if it is a brand that doesn’t include the three letters, WWE. That success means revenue for both the city and the company holding the show, which has sparked interest from the highest levels of government.

“I would love for it to happen,” said Alex Davies-Jones, a member of the UK Parliament. “The AAPG have already been talking about how we can help to make that happen in whatever way we can in terms of facilitating some conversations. Whatever we can do to make the UK attractive to host wrestling on the world stage we are more than happy to help facilitate.”

A two-day WrestleMania would do big business for London, as all the others have done for the other cities that have hosted the show in the past. Not only does that event drive engagement, but the other wrestling shows that pop up around it during WrestleMania Week show the full power of promotion and wrestling as an industry.

Again, as the so-called “wars” between WWE and AEW rage – at least in the minds of fans and some promoters – the bottom line is that competition is what’s best for fans and the performers. There is more opportunity for major shows and bigger paydays for the people that step into the ring. The immediate success that AEW All-In presents is a direct influence on the potential of WWE taking WrestleMania across the pond and fans should want to see more of this happen.

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