Signing Ivelisse would be a smart move for Impact Wrestling

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 09: Ivelisse and Rey Mysterio Jr speak onstage at Lucha Underground Panel at Javits center during 2016 New York Comic Con on October 9, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 09: Ivelisse and Rey Mysterio Jr speak onstage at Lucha Underground Panel at Javits center during 2016 New York Comic Con on October 9, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images) /

Signing Ivelisse could be yet another shake-up for Impact Wrestling.

Ask a bunch of people about Ivelisse and there are bound to be at least a hundred different answers. She has been with all major companies including Impact Wrestling and it has been a journey that led to some major accomplishments along the way.

Some have labeled her in a multitude of ways that are derogatory and others admire her constant work. Some may like Ivelisse and others may not like her, but one thing that can’t be denied is that as a competitor, she is not the same person she was a few years ago.

Impact Wrestling has been known for the colorful and unpredictable atmosphere presented for everyone including the Knockouts division. Ivelisse is no stranger to this kind of presentation going back to her Lucha Underground days.

Whether it’s with Shine Wrestling or any other company, Ivelisse has left her mark. Ivelisse signing with Impact Wrestling could potentially open a door for something special in the Knockouts division.

What Ivelisse could bring to Impact Wrestling

Ivelisse has gone for main event gold many times, especially during her Lucha Underground days and she has held trios title gold in the process. She is currently the soldier of Shine Wrestling in the midst of a historic title reign. Ivelisse brings a unique experience that could ultimately shake up the Knockouts division and the Impact Wrestling roster in general.

The Knockouts division has gone through shake-ups over the years with an Impact World Title and Digital Media Championship reign. Ivelisse would fit right in with her desire to mix it up with anyone in the ring and display a fearless attitude.

She held the Trios title and was even a top contender for the Lucha Underground championship. She competed for the main titles and she was never an underdog. Even against the biggest and strongest, she stood her own in those situations.

Even when Ivelisse went against Mil Muertes during her Lucha Underground days, she was outmatched in every way. Even with that, fans did not count out Ivelisse and knew there were truly no limits on what could happen during that match.

Though Ivelisse had all that momentum in Lucha Underground, it became painfully clear that they had no idea what to do with her during later seasons. Fans of Ivelisse had a hard time with her eventual role where she was in the background and not utilized.

Everywhere she went consisted of a pattern of her gaining a degree of success before moving on somewhere else. Even with her being released from AEW, it may have been a blessing in disguise since Ivelisse has always been about competing for every title available on the roster and she needs that atmosphere.

Ivelisse is also no stranger to Impact Wrestling, and it would be interesting to see her go beyond just limited appearances like she previously did a little over ten years ago. It would be interesting especially since Ivelisse built up her name even more since then.

When Ivelisse appeared a little over ten years ago, she gained a notable victory against first-ballot Hall of Famer Mickie James. It was one of those matches that defined Ivelisse as a competitor and what a shame it would be to ignore her growing influence. It would be an interesting scenario to have the two match up today since Ivelisse is a different competitor than she was ten years ago.

Every title whether it’s the Knockouts champion or Impact World Champion is not off-limits when it comes to Ivelisse. There is a possibility for Ivelisse to gain any championship gold on the roster including the Knockouts division and that is what Impact Wrestling has always been about.

Impact Wrestling would benefit from a star who is truly capable of just about anything in the ring with anyone at any time. It would be a treat to see the soldier of Shine Wrestling stand tall in Impact Wrestling on a weekly basis.

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Whether people like her or don’t like her, they have to respect and acknowledge what she can bring to Impact Wrestling. It’s only a matter of time before Ivelisse’s presence is felt in Impact Wrestling again and it will be something fans will surely never forget.