Spitting Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez is the best for both


Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez both have the potential to be important figures for the WWE women’s division if given the opportunity to shine. 

The July 17 edition of WWE Raw saw a major title change when Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez dropped the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship to Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville. Many fans raised the question about what the WWE is doing with the women’s tag belts, a question that has rang true since Mercedes Mone and Trinity Fatu walked out of the company in frustration. Green and Deville have potential as a comedic heel team if WWE puts the effort into building them and the division. But this is an important moment for Morgan and Rodriguez who are both better served as singles competitors.

On their own, Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez should both be booked as major singles stars. They both check a lot of boxes for what is necessary when it comes to being the type of central star that WWE cultivates. They are two sides of a coin that WWE needs to protect to continue to build this division that drastically needs more stars in meaningful positions.

Take Morgan. Her first championship moment came at the end of 2022 when she cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase to become SmackDown Women’s Champion. The fans were behind her and ready to see her put together a strong run as a babyface character. Sadly, much of her 98-day reign was booked with the central angle presenting her as less than Ronda Rousey, and she’d return that belt to her soon after without any compelling stories told.

Rodriguez’s big moment was back in NXT where she held the women’s championship for 202-days. Fans may not have been super interested in her as a character, but WWE still had someone that they could build. All that momentum was crushed when she moved to the main roster, where even though she’s still protected and doesn’t take many pinfalls, her personality is presented solely around the size of her back.

Splitting these two is what’s best for them. Rodriguez can now go on to feud with Rhea Ripley in what can be a career-defining pairing for both women. If this is the singles match that is on the radar for Ripley’s title run at SummerSlam, it should not be the last time they battle. In fact, it should be the opening contest in what becomes an escalating war of violence that hasn’t been seen on the main roster in quite some time. Look at what these ladies did during their Last Woman Standing Match back on NXT. They put together a special match that night and could do even better on the main roster.

WWE has something special with Morgan. She’s only 29 years old and has a desire for wrestling that is shown through her constant improvement in the ring. Look back at the woman that debuted as a part of the Riott Squad, and she is 100 percent improved across the board. Her popularity also cannot be ignored, as she’s someone that can build the type of following that early women’s icons in Lita and Trish Stratus enjoyed generations ago. Getting her out of the tag team picture, building her as an individual, and protecting her long-term should be a priority coming out of this current angle.

The booking of the WWE women’s division rightfully leaves many scratching their heads. Few moments consistently make sense and the company frequently displays a lack of long-term planning. Taking the titles off Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez is hopefully a move that benefits both ladies as they could each thrive as major stars on their own.

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