AEW Collision has allowed for some breakout performances


AEW Collision is a show that’s important for professional wrestling. While fans and detractors will argue over ratings, this show is a platform where more members of the AEW roster can and will flourish. Five weeks in the numbers will say one thing, but fan reception and response from the networks say something different. Looking back at the July 15 edition of the show, it is clear this platform is creating opportunities for breakout performances.

Jay White, Juice Robinson, and FTR put on what many will consider the best wrestling match of 2023. There are some even making the claim that this was the best-televised wrestling match of all time. For an hour they put on a clinic when it comes to all things professional wrestling. The fans were on their feet, engaged from start to finish. They succeeded in what they set out to do.

Later in the show, Ricky Starks and Willow Nightingale picked up big wins to secure the Owen Hart Tournament Cups. These wins hopefully signify important things for their future, and their fans wait for such with bated breath.

These are six individuals who struggled to get consistent time on AEW Dynamite, the promotion’s flagship show. These individuals would have matches, then be gone from the programming for months on end. White didn’t experience that as much, as he’s still new to the company the issue remained for the others named. The House of Black, Miro, and others throughout the women’s division faced similar challenges, where fans wondered what was going on with their booking, often raising frustration.

These first five weeks show that AEW Collision will help with that problem. It will be interesting to see how things continue to work out with CM Punk as the focal point, but if the decision-makers behind the scenes can create adequate storylines with the stars on the roster that have felt second-tier, this show becomes a major victory for everyone involved. How that engagement changes if and when Punk isn’t the focal point is a question that is still out there and one that AEW hopefully has a plan to overcome.

Saturday night professional wrestling will be difficult for many to catch, but with so many options abound fans should find a way to consume AEW Collision. The show has quickly become an important platform for the promotion to shine a light on those that haven’t seen the right treatment throughout the promotion’s brief existence. Here’s to hoping for more as the show continues.

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