MJF and Adam Cole must beat FTR for the AEW World Tag Team Titles


On the June 21st edition of AEW Dynamite, the first team in the Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament was named to be AEW World Champion MJF and top contender Adam Cole. When the announcement was made many fans were not pleased to have heard the news that AEW was going to try a ‘can they co-exist?’ tag team, a tired booking method WWE had used for years.

Fast forward to just over a month later, fans clamor over the home run AEW hit by pairing these two stars together. The act is so hot even segments that contain dance-offs that resemble sports entertainment are a hit with cheers. Every interaction between the two is just shameless fun, the witty side of MJF and the good guy Adam Cole work so surprisingly well together.

The tag team division, with FTR as champions, has felt rather underwhelming. Of course, there was the two-out-of-three-falls match between Bullet Club Gold and FTR, which was probably the tag match of the year, but the rivalries have been few and far between. The bookers have given us no reason to care about the belts that once were the pride of worldwide tag team wrestling.

It is time the real main event stars on Dynamite take over the division to return it to its former glory. If Cole and MJF are strapped with gold, the value of the belts is immediately raised. Even if their reign is short-lived, which it more than likely be because the end goal is for Adam Cole to challenge MJF for the World Title, the tag team titles need a revamp. It is crazy to think how over FTR was just a year ago and AEW didn’t give them the World Tag belts, but now that they are associated with CM Punk heavily, FTR seems like his henchmen and nothing more.

The question of “Which one is going to turn first on the other?”, becomes so much bigger if the Tag Team Championships are involved. Not only does the man who turns on the other go into business for themselves being greedy for either challenging for or keeping the World Title, but they also cost their team the Tag Team Titles. Whether it is Adam Cole or MJF that turns on the other man first, the fans are sure to absolutely hate them for turning on the other man first.

The simple suspense of the question I just asked, for me is exactly why MJF and Cole need the Tag Team belts. Sure, the storyline could be accomplished without the tag team belts involved, but the ensuing turn and the consequence of costing each other the tag team belts, makes the storyline feel the biggest AEW has run this entire summer.

You want to add some weight to the most entertaining two men in your company today, you give them the World Tag Team Championships and strike while the iron is hot. The end game of this partnership or feud, whatever you want to call it, in my opinion, is to have MJF vs Adam Cole at All Out. We’ve seen turns that get ‘heard around the world’ like the chair shot from Sami Zayn to Roman Reigns in front of 50,000 fans, now imagine Adam Cole and MJF are defending the tag team belts at All In in front of over 75,000 fans, the heel turn by either man will be the talk of the night.

What started as something fans complained about, now has turned to a pairing that fans don’t want to end. Saturday night on Collision is too premature to end the most well liked pairing of the summer, and MJF or Adam Cole shouldn’t be getting pinned either. Avoid both of these outcomes by crowning Adam Cole and MJF World Tag Team Champions this Saturday.

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