Trick Williams & Carmelo Hayes split handled perfectly on WWE NXT


Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes decided to go their own ways and it was handled in the right fashion on WWE NXT. 

WWE NXT continues to be some of the best weekly programming in professional wrestling. At least to some viewers. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams comprise the top acts on the show. At least that was until the August 1 edition where the duo split. But they did so without the typical pro wrestling troupe of one “turning heel” on the other. Instead, it was a moment that furthered their characters, built interest in both men and gave fans something different.

During a backstage segment Williams made his case that he doesn’t want to be seen as a sidekick and wants to stand on his own as a man. Hayes, coming off a big win against Ilja Dragunov, didn’t shoot his partner any side eyes or give him the Roman Reigns’s gaslighting treatment. Instead, he supported his friend as he left out on his own quest. That’s an important moment that hopefully builds to something long-term in the future.

Professional wrestling long uses the storyline of groups breaking up, just to get back together. Shawn Michaels destroying The Rockers. The Hart Foundation broke up and returned. The Elite’s split in AEW, just to come back together to face the Blackpool Combat Club. Mercedes Mone and Bayley’s multiple splits. There’s a laundry list of examples. But there’s something special about the way Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes have decided to go their separate ways that harken back to perhaps the most important faction in this generation of wrestling, The New Day.

Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E represent a beautiful partnership in wrestling that will stand the test of time both on-screen and off. Their constant pushback at the idea that they should have an on-screen split shows just how important they are as role models in the industry. Williams and Hayes fall into the same category, as they recognize it’s more than enough space for them to both reach success and they don’t need to step on each other to get there.

It will be interesting to see where Hayes and Williams go from here. Williams can continue his pursuit of Dragunov, hopefully picking up a victory. He’s a great character and fans love him. If his in-ring can progress, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to slot him as a future NXT North American Champion.

For Hayes, the main roster is calling him. He’s popped up on both SmackDown and Monday Night Raw, much to the appreciation of fans. His match against Finn Balor was a good one, and he presented like a main-roster performer. At 29, the WWE has something exceptionally special in Hayes and the company should begin putting those pieces into place. That calls for him to lose the NXT Championship, but one loss could lead to big wins down the line.

Friendships in professional wrestling are a part in storytelling that should be embraced, opening opportunities down the line. Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes were consistently one of the best reasons to watch WWE NXT and seeing them go their separate ways in mutual agreement without animosity was the best way to open this door.

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