ROH: Shane Taylor vs. Gravity set for TV title tournament finale


On last week’s episode of ROH, Stokely Hathaway announced yet another tournament to find a number-one contender for World Television Champion Samoa Joe. They recently did one to determine his opponent for Death Before Dishonor.

In round one, Christopher Daniels defeated JD Drake, Tony Nese beat Cheeseburger, Anthony Henry was defeated by Gravity, and Shane Taylor advanced by beating Serpentico.

The first match for the semi-finals was Daniels versus Shane Taylor. Both men are former ROH Television champions. Daniels was a formidable opponent, but Taylor was all over him and kept the foot on the gas all match long. It was too much for Daniels and Taylor advanced to next week’s finals.

Nese and Gravity faced off later in the show. Gravity has been on a tear in both ROH and AEW the last few weeks. Nese was accompanied by “Smart” Mark Sterling, who tried to use dastardly manager tactics to help his client. However, Gravity didn’t fall for an obvious distraction and went over the top rope to take out Nese. He never let up and got the win.

Although he wasn’t in action, Joe was backstage with Hathaway. Dalton Castle is still big mad that the Board of Director member sent The Boys to the back during his Death Before Dishonor match. He feels like it was done to cost him the match. He also doesn’t understand why he isn’t in the current tournament.

Joe walked up to defend Hathaway. The second-longest reigning TV champion decided that in two weeks, he and Hathaway will team up to wrestle The Boys. Castle rightfully questioned how this helps him.

Next week, Gravity will face Taylor in the tournament finals. Will Gravity be able to keep his winning streak going or will we get the dream match of Taylor vs. Joe?

It’s unclear when the title match with Joe will take place (perhaps ALL OUT). In the meantime, Joe is keeping himself occupied and out of Castle’s crosshairs in the meantime.

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