Chad Gable defeating GUNTHER would be a huge surprise on WWE Raw


Chad Gable versus GUNTHER is a featured match for WWE Monday Night Raw with the potential of creating a huge surprise. 

Chad Gable versus GUNTHER is a major match for WWE Monday Night Raw. Gunther is in the middle of a campaign that should get him votes for the 2023 Wrestler of the Year. Gable is riding a wave of momentum as fans continue to support not only his rise but that of Otis and Maxxine Dupri. WWE doesn’t always book major surprises on weekly shows, but what would happen if Gable picked up the upset victory?

Gunther is a few steps away from breaking the record for longest title run as WWE Intercontinental Champion, currently held by The Honky Tonk Man. It’s a record that is long overdue for someone to break, and Gunther is the perfect individual to do so. Many were concerned about how his run would look on the main roster, especially after that debacle at Survivor Series where he was eliminated in mere minutes. That isn’t the same man presented on today’s programming and the reception of such shows. But what would happen if Gunther dropped the title in a surprise fashion?

Gunther has made the IC title much more than just a mid-card championship. In this space, he’s been a main-event level character holding a championship that isn’t seen as “less than” the main championship on Raw. If Gunther versus Seth Rollins was booked tonight, no one would be surprised if Gunther won and took home both titles. That’s how strong his booking has remained for the last year. Imagine all of that coming to an end and the rampage that Gunther would go on. No one would be safe, not even Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci, perhaps creating an opportunity to do something different with those two men as well. The logical step would be to see Gunther lose the IC title and then become the main foil for whoever is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Gunther versus Rollins would work as a main-event feud.

Then there’s Chad Gable. Gable is one of those performers that fans continue to rally behind. He’s one of those names that fans know embody everything about professional wrestling and sports entertainment. In recent years, he’s been given the opportunity to show more of his personality and in-ring skill, but there’s consistent worry that both will only take him so far up the ladder. Even a singles title run at the mid-card level looks off the table at times. Creating this moment would be huge, not only for him but for the entire roster that enjoys seeing their peers get the moments they’ve worked tirelessly to achieve.

The surprise of him defeating Gunther would be massive, and one of those moments to help create buzz around the product. Would some criticize, especially as Gunther is close to a record, of course – but there’s no denying that it would grab headlines. Will Gable defeat Gunther? Most would bet against that opportunity, but that outcome would catch the wrestling industry by surprise.

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