Trick Williams has the potential to be special for the WWE


Carmelo Hayes is the star of WWE NXT, but Trick Williams is growing into a name to watch for the future. 

WWE NXT has found its space in building up the young members of the WWE roster. While the focus is on Carmelo Hayes and his meteoric rise, no one should take their eyes off another individual that has the potential to be a top star in the industry. That is Trick Williams. His growth in the last year has been a sight to behold and WWE could have a main event-level star further down the depth chart.

Williams played second to Hayes, helping the latter get to the NXT Championship. But that changed with the perfect “split” in which Williams wanted to go his own way. At NXT Heatwave there were small hints that Williams has his eye on Hayes’s championship, even though he dropped the match to Ilja Dragunov. Fans should be critical of WWE’s ability to tell that story, but with the care some angles are getting, especially in WWE NXT, there’s a huge opportunity for both men involved.

It’s crazy to think that Williams has only two years of experience. From 2021 to 2023 he’s increased his range from someone who was a side character to an individual that fans want to see rise in due time. This is an individual with 62 professional matches to his ledger according to Cagematch.

At 6’4, 207 pounds, Williams has the physical attributes that WWE frequently chases. He’s a good-looking guy that can capture the attention of the full range of wrestling’s target audience. And he’s shown that he can work the microphone, with cadence and ability to pull out instances from the culture that force smiles from those in the know. Williams is one of those hidden gems that often surprises fans while their eyes are fixed on another performer.

It will be interesting to see how and if WWE will give him the opportunity to rise to the occasion. Williams is 29 years old. In some ways that’s “young” when it comes to wrestling but can also be considered “old” when you look at the amount of experience he’s amassed. Can he catch up to individuals that are the same age, but have spent years longer on the grind? That’s the big question that he’ll have to answer. Thankfully, he has an excellent teacher leading the way in Shawn Michaels. Michaels has done an excellent job building up NXT. NXT 2.0 was a comedy of errors – and not in a good way. The turnaround the brand has seen in recent months has made it perhaps the best weekly television show in the WWE’s catalog. Williams has been a part of that development.

WWE NXT has a slew of names that can be factors in the future of the company. As young talent finds their way to the top, fans should not lose focus on Trick Williams. It may take him longer than some others, but he’s shown flashes of a performer that can be someone everyone loves in the future.

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