John Cena’s return to WWE SmackDown must include LA Knight


John Cena and LA Knight standing in the same ring on an episode of WWE SmackDown would be a big moment for the fan favorites. 

News broke this week that John Cena is heading back to WWE SmackDown for the September 1 episode. Cena remains a needle mover, as perhaps the most important name of the previous generation. WWE attempted to utilize him for a big run to Austin Theory, which did not work out well. This time around, to get the most out of Cena he should share the ring with someone who is red hot in the eyes of professional wrestling fans and viewers, LA Knight.

From NXT to the main roster, Knight’s growth into an individual that fans want to see at the top of the card has been amazing. The promotion hasn’t yet capitalized on that momentum, forcing fans to wait as they consistently do. But looking at the current roster, and Cena’s ability to generate headlines and views, it’s an easy leap to see these two paired together for a segment and potentially a match at WWE SmackDown.

LA Knight and John Cena versus Grayson Waller and The Miz perfectly writes itself. Knight has been involved in situations with both men, and Waller got a dose of Cena’s magic at Money in the Bank in London, England. Putting these four men together easily powers a main event of weekly television. Seeing Knight and Cena stand tall, hands raised would give him another boost of momentum heading into WWE PayBack or WWE Survivor Series, the next two PLEs where Knight should be a factor.

There’s also another way this could go. Cena is one of the better talkers to have existed in professional wrestling. Anytime someone comes at him on the microphone and Cena responds with “Nice speech,” fans know that he’s going to be throwing the heat high and tight after that. Knight is special on the microphone in his own way. In fact, he’s long been great on the microphone, look back at his work in NWA and IMPACT for proof. Letting these two go word-for-word, with Knight playing the grey area could also lead to a big moment. Perhaps a Cena versus Knight match in the future?

WWE has done a better job using older and one-off stars to build momentum for their current roster. It was a big complaint in the past, but things have slowly turned around under Triple H. John Cena is heading back for an episode of SmackDown and that moment should involve LA Knight because anything else would be a missed opportunity.

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