ROH: Women’s champion ATHENA has a new minion


ATHENA frequently refers to fans on Twitter as her minions and even had her husband wear a minion costume. After Billie Starkz came out to help the ROH Women’s World Champion fend off an attack by The Renegades last week, she was dubbed Minion 400,237 3/4.

Another one of her minions is her “bestie”, ROH interviewer Lexy Nair. ATHENA decided several months ago that Nair was her BFF. When Dasha Gonzalez filled in for Nair, ATHENA referred to her as “Lexy” several times. She was worried that there was tension between Nair and Starkz, so she made them customized t-shirts that took 14 hours to make.

In honor of ATHENA’s “new family”, she took Starkz up on the offer she made last week to challenge The Renegades. As sisters, Charlette and Robyn, are a very strong tag team, especially against two women who just met a few weeks ago. The “Fallen Goddess” got creative and used her minion as a weapon against both of their opponents.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

The champ and her minion did run into some issues co-existing. ATHENA went for the O-Face and as she was setting up on the top turnbuckle, Starkz tagged herself in. ATHENA hit her finisher and speared a Renegade while Starkz went for the pin. Although they got the win, ATHENA wasn’t happy that her minion took matters into her own hands and let her know after their match.

Pairing Starkz with ATHENA is a really smart move. At just 18 years old, Starkz is a wrestling prodigy, and having her work with the best women’s champion in all of wrestling will give her invaluable knowledge in the ring and with character work. ATHENA is a true all-around performer and elevates everyone she’s in the ring with.

ATHENA continues to dominate ROH as the “Forever Champion” while building up younger women in Starkz and The Renegades. The ROH women’s division is being built around ATHENA and she is bringing up other women with her and laying a strong foundation for years to come.

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