Three locks for future WWE main event stars


Constantly as wrestling fans, we are looking toward who will be the next biggest star in the industry. Before the blossom to main event stardom, there are always small signs of the next main event player. Here are three WWE superstars that have shown more of those signs than others.

Number 3: Montez Ford

I may be a little late to the party with this one, but there is no chance once he gets passed tagging with Angelo Dawkins that Montez Ford won’t become a singles star. The charisma plus the in-ring ability is eventually going to come together to make a future world champion. The new pairing of the Streets Profits and Bobby Lashley only elevates his chances of one day making it to the top. Lashley has been in the main event scene in both of his WWE runs, and his advice can greatly benefit Ford. The Street Profits have never been a very heavy promo tag team, and in limited opportunity with the stick, Ford has shined. If you see a glimmer, there is always a shining star behind it.

Number 2: Ludwig Kaiser

In the opposite sense of Montez Ford, Ludwig Kaiser has gotten a lot of time with the microphone, but not in the ring. Being Gunther‘s right-hand man, Kaiser has typically just found himself introducing the ‘Ring General’ and then running interference for him. In recent weeks, Kaiser has found himself with even more promo time trying to influence Maxxine Dupri to join Imperium. This has been some of his best work being witty and funny in a heated storyline between Gunther and Chad Gable. Kaiser already feels levels above his faction mate Giovanni Vinci, and if anyone would want to destroy Imperium from within, it’s Kaiser. Eventually, and not any time soon, Kaiser should express frustration with always being secondary to Gunther, and go over in a feud with him to blossom him to the main event scene. In-ring wrestling doesn’t matter as much in WWE, and that’s why Kaiser has an advantage over a lot of other superstars, being so strong on the microphone.

Number 1: Ilja Dragunov

While we are on the subject of Gunther and his rise to the top, you can’t talk about the second coming of Gunther, Ilja Dragunov. The parallels between the two men, make it hard to see Dragunov as not a future main event talent. Both taking part in NXT UK, they established that more than anything else, they would prove stiff wrestling still has a place in WWE. It has been a recipe for massive success for Gunther, and Dragunov can easily follow the same roadmap. We’ve seen Dragunov in recent months step up to face Carmelo Hayes, and their match at the Great American Bash was seen as one of the best of the year so far.

Competing all over the globe in most cases gives you an advantage in the ring, Dragunov proves that once again. There is not a man in NXT that he will let outwork him in the ring, and if presented on the main roster with a talking head to back him up, the sky is the limit.