Three locks for future WWE women’s main event stars


Looking into the future, WWE has three locks as future women’s main event stars.

After reading my colleague Ethan Jenkins’ fantastic piece “Three Locks for Future WWE main event stars“, had me thinking about the current state of the women’s division.

Things have slightly improved in the women’s division on the main roster as of late. Recently, we’ve seen main event pushes for WWE women superstars like Iyo Sky and Zoey Stark. It’s refreshing to see some new faces and new names in the spotlight. As we focus on what’s ahead for the women’s division, three names stand out as locks for future WWE women’s main event stars.

Tiffany Stratton

She has been making appearances on both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown so that the WWE Universe and fans who may not watch WWE NXT every week are aware of her. Stratton has become the top female heel on NXT and continues her lackluster reign as champ. It may be lackluster only because her reign is just getting started, but as of right now, she is the best superstar the women’s division has to offer on the brand.

Her in-ring ability is top-notch. The only area where there is some room for improvement is on the mic. She is improving in that aspect as well. She has the look, she has the in-ring ability, and the rest will come as she continues to grow. During her current reign as champion, the only thing that has been missing is a legitimate feud, which I believe will come as time progresses.

A couple of months ago, Stratton told Fightful about her main roster dream match.

"“I would have to say a Triple Threat between me, Charlotte Flair, and Bianca Belair. I think we are all highly athletic. We’re all highly competitive, and I honestly believe you will not find a better women’s match in history.”"

Ever since she created this dream match it’s been all I could picture for her future. She is right, this match would be incredible and she isn’t far from ready to make this dream come to fruition.

Lyra Valkyria

It took me a while to buy into Lyra Valkyria’s character, but ever since the NXT Women’s Championship ladder match at NXT Stand and Deliver she has made me a huge fan.

Stratton and Valkrya would have an incredible match at NXT Battleground for the title, but it wasn’t her time to capture the title. Since then she has made a name for herself beating the rest of the roster and providing a decent yet brief feud with the current WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. The fact that she was able to not only hang with Ripley, but she carried herself very well in her promos as well and continues to improve in all aspects.

I believe she deserves some time as a champion on NXT, but it wouldn’t shock me if she makes a move to the main roster before that happens. Valkyria is destined to be a future main event on the main roster.

Piper Niven

In the perfect moment, Piper Niven seized the opportunity the insert herself as Chelsea Green’s new tag team partner and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion due to Sonya Deville’s torn ACL.

Niven has needed a push for quite some time, but the Doudrop persona never really clicked with the WWE Universe, she has always been good in the ring, and on the mic. She has held her own in matches with Bianca Belair and others before, and she is just different enough to set herself apart from the rest of the women’s division. It was a brilliant move for WWE to go back to her days in NXT UK where she once thrived.

Even after her new run as a tag team champion is behind her, she is someone that WWE should push to the next level. Niven has had countless opportunities to capture a Women’s Championship on both NXT UK and Raw/Smackdown but has yet to capitalize on those chances. Niven almost received her first push when she won a triple threat match between Belair and Liv Morgan to become the number one contender in 2022 for Becky Lynch’s Raw Women’s Championship, but went on to lose to Lynch at the Royal Rumble. She has put in her time, and it is inevitable she will have a main event title run coming her way.

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