WWE WrestleMania 40 Night 1 VERY EARLY Match Card Predictions: CM Punk Will Dethrone Seth Rollins

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WWE WrestleMania 40 is still eight months away, but it is never too early to make some match card predictions for the biggest show of the year. Since this event is two nights, it is expected that there will be six to seven matches per night. Night 1 should feature champions Seth Rollins and Rhea Ripley from Monday Night Raw, as Night 2 usually belongs to the Universal Champion Roman Reigns. WrestleMania is the stage for dream matches, jaw-dropping performances, and epic moments. WWE bills it “The Show of the Immortals” for good reason.

With that being said, the following will provide some very early match card predictions for night 1 of what should be one of the most exciting PPVs of the year: WWE WrestleMania 40.

WWE WrestleMania 40 Night 1 is scheduled to take place on April 6, 2024, live on Peacock, and CM Punk will return to WWE after 10 long years to dethrone Seth Rollins.

Jey Uso vs. Jimmy Uso [Bloodline Cold War “I Quit” Match: Loser Leaves WWE]

Jey Uso will defeat Jimmy Uso at Mania 40 to avenge his brother for screwing his chance at becoming the Tribal Chief at SummerSlam. The crowd is clearly behind this idea of “Main Event Jey Uso” and WWE should strike while the iron is hot and ride his wave of momentum into the main event scene. It seems that there is no going back to the tag team of the Usos, as they have carved their own paths and characters. Also, Cena foreshadowed this by saying that the “wrong Uso quit” and the tables will turn with Jimmy quitting here and going to Impact with his wife, Trinity.

Prediction: Jey Uso

Bayley vs. Iyo Sky vs. Dakota Kai [Damage Control Triple Threat Match]

Most WWE fans have been calling Damage Control damaged goods, to put it quite bluntly. While all three superstars in the group are popular, the group itself has had a shaky foundation from a booking standpoint. Their plethora of losses throughout the calendar year as a group did not help matters either. Due to that, those fans have been clamoring for them to break up, but it seems that WWE will wait until Mania to finally put an end to their faction. Since Bayley and Iyo both became world champions already, Dakota Kai will win to get her shot at the world title in 2024.

Prediction: Dakota Kai