Eddie Kingston must defeat Claudio Castagnoli at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam


Eddie Kingston is heading toward another big match at Grand Slam and it is his time to finally get the win. 

Eddie Kingston is heading into AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam with his eyes on his foil, Claudio Castagnoli. The NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion will stand across from the Ring of Honor World Champion. AEW has heated Kingston up multiple times, and the fans always respond positively – showering Kingston with praise. With this big match on the horizon, it’s time that he picks up the big victory and finally gets a win over his hated rival.

It has been said time and again. Eddie Kingston is one of the most important men on the AEW roster. Since walking through the curtain to challenge Cody Rhodes for the AEW TNT Championship, Kingston has done nothing but help fans believe in professional wrestling. Everything about him exudes a performer who doesn’t take wrestling for granted. Those are the types of individuals that promotions like AEW should shower with chances to stand in the adulation of the industry.

Castagnoli’s time as champion has run its course. He’s held the title for a combined 341 days as of this piece. He has double-digit title defenses, but none of them really feel like an important moment in a story. At Ring of Honor Supercard, he defeated Kingston after battling for more than twenty minutes, but outside of that, Castagnoli has remained a background figure in the story of the Blackpool Combat Club. Losing the title would not do much harm and could open him up to additional opportunities and angles across the roster.

This story of Kingston versus Castagnoli doesn’t need an additional chapter. This isn’t Cody Rhodes versus Roman Reigns where so many people stand on the idea that the former didn’t have his story finished at WrestleMania. While Kingston remains a fan favorite, the number of times the company can heat him up as a credible challenger and not give him the victory is limited. The big victory with the NJPW title was a career moment for Kingston, and many of his fans online felt discouraged that AEW continued to hesitate to recognize him in the same way. And don’t get those same fans started about the Kingston for AEW Champion agenda.

All Elite Wrestling has a special talent in Eddie Kingston. He’s someone that fans can see themselves in and that translates into this never-ending support. Kingston is poised for a big match at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam and it is time that he comes out on top at the end of the night.

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