Three names poised to become first time singles champions in WWE


WWE needs to develop new champions and these three names stand out as candidates to become first-time singles champions.

Triple H’s creative direction has led to some interesting booking throughout WWE. Even WWE NXT, run by Shawn Michaels, continues to see improvement and positive reactions week-to-week. One thing fans are looking forward to seeing is what new stars will climb the roster and become first-time singles champions. This list looks at three individuals who should be at the top of the odds list for performers who will soon grab their first singles title in the WWE.

Chad Gable

The story of Chad Gable versus GUNTHER is one of WWE’s best stories this year. The two men have amazing chemistry in all things professional wrestling, and their matches are easy candidates for the 2023 Match of the Year. Yes, Gable has lost two times clean to the Intercontinental Champion, but the writing is on the wall for the third match to come soon. Now that GUNTHER has the record for the longest-reigning IC champion, fans should expect for him to lose that championship. Gable is the perfect person to break the streak and keep the elevation of that championship rolling in the right direction.

Jey Uso

Jey Uso’s move to Monday Night Raw is off to a hot start. The fans are invested in him and there are several stories to tell. His actions in The Bloodline had a long-term impact and there are several men that want to see him pay. His interactions with The Judgement Day are building and there’s an opportunity to make him the individual that takes the NXT North American Championship off Dominick Mysterio’s shoulder. Could he do a brief run on WWE NXT like current NXT Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch? Perhaps, and that would be an intriguing way to build interest in the Tuesday night show.


Shotzi has potential in the WWE women’s division because she’s such a stark contrast to what the company presents when it comes to women’s wrestling. Looks are a big part of the industry, and Shotzi always stood out from her peers. She’s recently seen stronger booking on WWE SmackDown, getting a victory over Bayley and teaming with Charlotte Flair to defeat Damage CTRL. It will be interesting to see if the company keeps its momentum growing toward what could be a title moment, which would be a big change of heart for an organization that insists on promoting the same few individuals.

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