Predicting three names who could jump from AEW to WWE


Cody Rhodes and potentially Jade Cargill are the first to jump from AEW to WWE. These are three individuals that may be best served for the same.

The rumors of Jade Cargill making the leap from AEW to WWE continue to swirl. It’s a major story for several reasons, with implications for both promotions. One talking point is that Cargill would be the second person after Cody Rhodes to make the move from AEW to WWE, after four years of wrestlers going the opposite way. The move from AEW to WWE has different implications than vice versa and this piece looks at three individuals who could be interesting followers in the future.

This piece is based on pure speculation, without any context around these individuals’ contract status.

Max Caster

This is an interesting pick because Max Caster is a beloved figure on the AEW roster. Along with Anthony Bowens, the minute his music hits fans are ready to hear one of his witty “freestyles.” Caster has shown flashes of being the breakout member of the team, but thankfully AEW hasn’t shown any inclination that a split is on the horizon. Caster has microphone skills and in-ring abilities that would fit within WWE’s presentation of sports entertainment. With nearly a decade in the industry, no one would be surprised if Caster found his way over to WWE at some point in the future.

Powerhouse Hobbs

Powerhouse Hobbs looks the part. He’s big, mean, and throws people through the mat. No one would be surprised if Hobbs was signed with WWE, slotted with a manager, and allowed to crush the foes that stand in his way. Many fans are calling for Hobbs to get more of a push in AEW, but there’s a growing question as to whether a consistent build will come under that banner. Hobbs could work in WWE and would be an interesting addition to the roster if the opportunity found its way to him.

The Gunns

Colten and Austin Gunn are growing on people. Fans loved to hate this group and rolled their eyes any time The Gunns were on television. But they pushed past that initial ceiling, becoming AEW World Tag Team Champions. With their father, Billy Gunn, as the guide – these two men are headed down a career path that looks eerily similar to his. Could they work as singles performers? Perhaps, but neither have shown the flashes that would push them out of the mid-card. But as a duo, that is where the Gunns have their initial value. And do not be surprised if Billy Gunn would be a part of the package deal. Back working with his D-X crew in WWE? That’s a fully possible prediction.

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