Dolph Ziggler’s top 5 matches and moments during his WWE run

WWE, Dolph Ziggler (Photo by Patrick R. Murphy/Getty Images)
WWE, Dolph Ziggler (Photo by Patrick R. Murphy/Getty Images) /
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Daniel Bryan versus Dolph Ziggler at Bragging Rights 2010

Dolph Ziggler versus Daniel Bryan is a hidden gem during both individuals’ runs with the company. Bryan was the United States Champion and this was a non-title match. Both individuals came out, showing their grappling abilities in a match that was rare for WWE back then, but would fit perfectly in today’s presentation of professional wrestling. Go back to watch this special attraction and think about what these two men could do if given the opportunity to compete again today.

The WWE release of Dolph Ziggler came with quite a shock, but perhaps it created an opportunity to see Ziggler do some more work in other organizations around the world.

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