ROH: ATHENA to put her title on the line against undefeated wrestler


This has been ATHENA’s year. She has been the most dominant wrestler in ROH and one of the most dominant champions in ROH or AEW (save for Orange Cassidy and his International Championship reign). Over the course of her reign, the “Fallen Goddess” has become the first Black woman to main event DarkRampage, and ROH Honor Club. She is also the first woman to main event an ROH pay-per-view ever alongside Willow Nightingale.

Over the last few weeks, she has taken Billie Starkz under her wing. Starkz was given the moniker “Minion 400,237 3/4”. Alongside Lexy Nair, the duo underwent minion training, complete with M.I.T. (Minion In Training) shirts. Nair graduated from training, but ATHENA believes that Starkz isn’t ready.

On Thursday’s show, Starkz faced Lady Frost. She was accompanied by the champ. Frost nearly beat Starkz, but ATHENA interfered, unbeknownst to her minion. Starkz was able to get the win and believed she did it her way and not ATHENA’s way. Following the match, ATHENA attacked Frost and tried to get her minion to join in. She got in the face of Starkz and shouted “if this is going to work– I lead, you follow.”

Meanwhile, Maria Kanellis-Bennett is still scouting Leyla Hirsch, much to the latter’s chagrin. Hirsch confronted Kanellis-Bennett backstage after her win. Hirsch thinks that she should focus on managing Griff Garrison and Kole Carter because “they need it the most.” She went on to say that things get messy when other people get involved. “I do great on my own and I just proved it once again. Maria, I am 11-0. Do you hear me? 11-0. I did all of that without your help.”

Hirsch called Kanellis-Bennett “deranged” because she doesn’t think she’s ready to face ATHENA. Hirsch said that she went to the ROH Board of Directors and they granted her the match. The match will be for the title. After she walked off, Kanellis-Bennett said “good luck with that” under her breath.

Two women that are undefeated will go one-on-one for the ROH Women’s Championship. Next Thursday will mark 300 days as ROH Women’s champion for ATHENA. Will Hirsch end the reign of the #ForeverChampion or will she prove Kanellis-Bennett right?

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