Edge in AEW would have major benefits if he’s used correctly


Edge could have a strong run in AEW if he’s used to build new stars for the future. 

Heading into a big weekend of wrestling action, one of the biggest rumors to watch is whether Edge shows up in All Elite Wrestling. The WWE legend’s contract came to an end and he’s able to explore his options, leading to many thinking he’ll make a move to AEW. This is an interesting idea, as Edge is a consummate fan favorite seemingly perfect for a run in the promotion. There’s a lot of opportunity for this to be an excellent partnership if the company avoids one potential hurdle along the way.

Edge achieved all he could in WWE. Seeing him go his way, especially after that spectacular match with Sheamus on SmackDown was a nice way to see things end. But Edge still has something to offer the wrestling industry, and he can see that through in AEW.

Look no further than what Christian Cage has achieved in his time there. Cage came in, picked up a win over Kenny Omega, held the Impact title, and is now one of the most ridiculously over heels in professional wrestling. “Hide your moms” is the best phrase to capture Cage’s current run and it’s some of the best content on television each week. But what makes this run so important is that Cage is helping younger talent get over in the eyes of fans. He’s had an impact on Jack Perry and now Darby Allin. That’s the role he should be in and it’s also the role that Edge should play.

Will Edge be in a top storyline? Of course. Seeing him and MJF go back and forth in promos would be a great moment and another that would help build MJF’s legacy. But there’s no need to see Edge become AEW champion. Much like Bryan Danielson’s run in AEW, the goal should be to build the roster of the future, not get more time in the spotlight for these aging performers. Building these individuals up with victories over mid-to-lower card talent makes sense, but Edge shouldn’t come into AEW and pick up wins over the likes of Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs, Swerve, Adam Cole, Andrade, or any others of that ilk. His name needs to be used to build those stars, not the other way around.

AEW is dealing with a massive void at the top of the roster with CM Punk’s release. Can the company recover with Edge’s signing? Perhaps, but he’d be more of a piece in the solution rather than the whole answer itself. Fans are going to be excited to see him and what he does in a new organization with new and old relationships to explore.

AEW has done a great job bringing in some key names as they step away from WWE for one reason or another. Edge may be joining that list and there’s a lot of opportunity to put together a strong run in the brand. Using Edge to build up new stars, while allowing the important names of the future to defeat him is the way the company should go if this Hall of Famer joins the roster.

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