The layers to tell between Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes


The story with Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes has layers that should follow the two men both in NXT and when they hit the main roster. 

One of the biggest criticisms of WWE in recent years was around the promotion’s inability or almost lack of desire to tell meaningful stories. Things have changed in some ways, as both The Bloodline and The Judgement Day are involved in angles that have seen months’ worth of time. There’s another story being told on WWE NXT and that is between Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. It is an intriguing development that is going to end in a big split and hopefully a joyous reformation.

Shawn Michaels is leading creative in NXT and it’s clear he’s tapping into his own career for inspiration. Look at what he’s done with Roxanne Perez and the split between Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin as examples. Some pointed to his angle with Kevin Nash, then known as Diesel, as inspiration for what we are seeing with Hayes and Williams.

Every time Hayes found success, Williams was there as his A-1 support. Winning the Breakout Tournament, NXT North American Championship, and the NXT Championship were all achieved with Williams standing right next to him. Hayes and Williams recently decided to go their separate ways, with Williams aspiring to be a man on his own. But when he returned to Hayes and asked for support, Hayes said it was best that he continued to carve out his own path. And that’s what Williams did. He picked up wins to become a number one contender for the North American Championship and won the title – the same day Hayes lost his. Williams has since lost that title back to Mysterio. The major difference is that he achieved and failed on his own, Hayes wasn’t there for him.

It’s the typical story that many people face. Going too hard for their friends, supporting their needs as they push for success, just to get nothing of the sort when the shoe is on the other foot. What’s interesting here is that when the moment comes, both men will have a reason to be angry with the other, creating the opportunity for a surprise turn in either direction. The interest that fans have in Hayes and Williams creates an angle that keeps both men on television and in prominent positions, without tying up the championships that can be used to build others.

At some point in time, Hayes and Williams will split. Fans hoped that both men could go on their singles run and stay aligned, as The New Day has successfully done on the main roster. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Seeing Hayes and Williams split while in NXT, and potentially bringing them back together on the main roster has the potential to be a major chapter in their career. If fans want to see winding storylines that are revisited in phases, this story between Hayes and Williams has the layers and talent to be one.

The content on WWE NXT has improved in recent months. The involvement of Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes at the top of the card is one of the factors in that growth. As they head toward the chapter that sees them split up, fans should remember there is a lot of meat left on the bone to be told.

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