Three big matches to kick off Jade Cargill’s WWE run

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Jade Cargill walked into WWE Fastlane on October 7 and the video segment signaled that the biggest free agent signing in recent memory is here and ready to go. 

The wrestling world was taken by storm last month with the announcement of former All Elite Wrestling (AEW) TBS Champion Jade Cargill’s signing with World Wrestling Entertainment. After multiple rumors and a short-lived return to action against Kris Statlander, Cargill quietly stepped out of the spotlight until the moment her decision was made public exclusively by ESPN.

In the weeks since the blockbuster news, fans have speculated scenarios in which they think the supernova could thrive. Could Jade cut her teeth in NXT? Is she going to train at the performance center for a number of months before a possible Royal Rumble debut? Will Cargill choose Raw or SmackDown if she is called to the main roster? With all of the creative possibilities flowing, there is a larger question that has risen: What rivalries will Cargill have when she arrives on WWE television?

Jade is walking into an eclectic women’s roster that is hungry, passionate, and seeking to make more history. Whoever Jade gets to face will challenge her greatly. Here are three big matches that the silver-haired goddess could have once she arrives on the WWE scene.

Tiffany Stratton

Tiffany Stratton

After news broke of Jade’s multi-year deal, a viral video was released on her Instagram account as she purposefully walked towards the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. It is not hard to think about the measure of talent that has stepped through those doors over the last decade. From the Becky Lynches to the Asukas. From the Carmellas to the Mercedes Mones. But in recent years, NXT has branched off into young talent from different forms of athleticism with their NIL program.

One of the brightest stars that have risen through the ranks is former NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton. Armed with strength, a background in gymnastics, and an unflinching belief in herself, Stratton has developed into a talent that surpasses expectations. One only has to look as closely at her recent Extreme Rules match against Becky Lynch at NXT’s No Mercy to see that she can hold her own next to someone as accomplished as The Man.

Jade would not only challenge Tiffany’s natural athleticism, but her arrogance as well. Outside of Becky Lynch, Stratton has not faced an opponent that is parallel to her in size and confidence. In an interview, Stratton shared her enthusiasm for Jade possibly coming to NXT: “Bring her on in. I don’t know much about her. But I’ve seen photos of her and she’s beautiful.”  This battle of the goddesses would be worthy of the legendary history of NXT’s women’s division.