Becky Lynch on NXT will help all the women in WWE


Becky Lynch is putting on a show as the NXT Women’s Champion and her presence will help the ladies across the promotion. 

For the second week in a row, women’s wrestling headlined WWE NXT. On the September 19 edition of the show, Lyra Valkyria joined Becky Lynch to defeat Tiffany Stratton and Kiana James in a tag team competition. These moments are important not because these are matches that might get five stars from arbitrary ratings, but because Lynch’s involvement will elevate the entire women’s division, regardless of if they are on SmackDown, Monday Night Raw, or WWE NXT.

Lynch versus Stratton on September 12 did numbers. Wrestlenomics reported that the episode where Lynch returned to the brand averaged 850,000 viewers, with 335,000 being in the key demographic. Between 9:45 p.m. and 10 p.m., the show averaged 927,000 viewers and peaked at more than one million. While NXT has seen a boost in popularity thanks to the slow growth under Shawn Michaels’s creative direction, those numbers are still ridiculous to see. Lynch brought in the audience and helped place the spotlight on a talented young performer like Stratton.

That is what her time in NXT will do for this brand and the women on the roster. If as many people turned in to the main event on September 19 as they did on September 12, that would expose more wrestling viewers to James, Valkyria, and Stratton. Roxanne Perez had a moment with Lynch backstage during the show. Another name that is getting an additional rub from Lynch’s presence. Every woman that shares time on screen with Lynch, and time with her behind the scenes is getting a boost that will help them throughout their career.

And someone, at some point, is going to get the win over Lynch. Hopefully, this moment comes as a clean, upset victory devoid of any shenanigans that WWE tends to employ. It’s important because this moment will hopefully create new fans for that performer. New fans will tune in to see them on NXT, and whichever main roster show they turn up on in the future. It’s a cycle. One star hopefully creates another. Becky Lynch’s time in WWE NXT has the potential to create a new star for WWE’s immediate and long-term future. That’s another benefit of this run in what some may call “developmental.”

WWE NXT has consistently been some of the best women’s wrestling in North America. While quirky very often, the brand continues to showcase the division well. Becky Lynch’s time on the brand will help everyone involved, just as the saying goes. The Lynch tidal wave is going to rise all boats.

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