This chapter of The Bloodline story isn’t delivering for anyone involved


The story surrounding Roman Reigns and The Bloodline has been one of the biggest angles in professional wrestling. Moments in the story kept wrestling fans encapsulated, wondering exactly what was to come at the next turn. That’s not the case so much anymore. The recent direction of the angle has felt “off” in more ways than one. There’s a lot to take away, and still an opportunity to build toward the major moment that’s to come, but dragging through this current phase of the story isn’t working.

Back on September 25, Fightful Select reported that Jey Uso’s rise to prominence was a key goal of The Bloodline angle. “Main Event” Jey is a big part of Monday Night Raw, where he continues to get big reactions from fans each week. WWE has successfully moved him into singles stardom, and that’s a major victory of this storyline.

But what about everything else? Roman Reigns’s disappearance is a major disappointment and issue with this angle. Yes, he’s the big boss who operates from the background, but his lack of appearances on WWE SmackDown makes everything else feel less important.

The angle right now is that Jimmy Uso is working to get back in the good graces of Reigns. He’s trying to push his way back into The Bloodline, but Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman are giving him the side eye every step of the way. At some moment he’s going to run into Reigns and of course that’s not going to go well, especially since they are coming off a defeat at WWE Fastlane to John Cena and LA Knight. Unfortunately, every step of the way these interactions aren’t coming off as must-see television.

This also impacts Cena and Knight. WWE is working to give the latter the “rub” from the former, and that’s a step in the right direction. Knight has shown the following abilities to be a big star for this organization. The fans are pushing for it. Everything that he is involved in should matter. Pitting LA Knight against Roman Reigns will be a big moment in the future (Reigns is going to win, by the way), and hopefully, Knight will continue to grow from it. Having Cena and Knight involved in this angle when it’s at this point does put the duo in a situation where they might drop down a peg in the eyes of fans.

It will be interesting to see how long WWE continues this direction with The Bloodline. Surely, the creative can swing things back in the right direction. Many felt things were off before heading into the Sami Zayn chapter, but that phase picked up interest. One of the big problems is Reigns’s lack of time on WWE television and that must change to help rebuild this story to the place it once was.

The Bloodline angle is still the top storyline in WWE. Even as The Judgement Day pushes to become 1A, anything involving Roman Reigns will get top billing. Unfortunately, this aspect of the angle isn’t quite working and it is having a negative impact on everyone involved, including John Cena and LA Knight.