Three big moments from AEW Dynamite versus WWE NXT


AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT went up against each other on Tuesday for what amounted to a fun night of professional wrestling. 

Super Tuesday is a term that those familiar with politics will recognize. But on October 10, the professional wrestling world took that phrase as its own when AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT went head-to-head for the first time since the Wednesday Night Wars of lore. It was a big night filled with excellent wrestling, fantastic sports entertainment, and enough excitement to remind people why they love the industry. These are the three biggest moments of the evening.

Hikaru Shida wins the AEW Women’s World Championship

If Jon Moxley is the most important male wrestler on the AEW roster in its short history, then Hikaru Shida deserves the same consideration for the men. She and Saraya battled it out in the only women’s match on AEW’s show, and many weren’t expecting to see a title change. But change it did as Shida became the first woman to hold the championship three times.

This is an amazing accolade because Shida is one of those individuals who represents all the positives that AEW brings to the wrestling industry. The company knows it can turn to her when there’s a spark needed in the women’s division and the fans are always there to see it. It will be interesting to see where the company is going with the division, as fans continue to push for improvement, but with Shida holding the belt AEW is heading in the right direction.

Powerhouse Hobbs Squashes Chris Jericho

Powerhouse Hobbs needed a big victory. His time in AEW has been marred with starts and stops, with fans wanting to see him as a rising heel on the roster. Picking up a victory over Chris Jericho has value, especially when it is as dominant as that obtained by Hobbs. He left Jericho lying in a way that doesn’t happen too frequently on AEW television. Plus, that moment led to a developing angle with the former members of the Jericho Appreciation Society. Here’s to hoping fans get to see more of this form of Hobbs and the destructive force he can be as a main heel for AEW.

Asuka versus Roxanne Perez

On a night that featured several big matches, Asuka versus Roxanne Perez could have flown under the radar. But instead, it reinforced the idea that WWE is going to far lengths to build a young and talented women’s division and Perez is the one set to truly lead the charge. Even though the match was only 6:15, Perez showed that she could hang with the multiple-time champion and future Hall-of-Famer. She’s also stepped into the ring with Rhea Ripley on an edition of SmackDown, another point that WWE has a lot of faith in the 21-year-old performer. While she may not be the one to come out of the group with the most title runs, Roxanne Perez has all the tools to lead the next generation of WWE women’s wrestlers and this match against Asuka was another reminder.

Super Tuesday brought a lot of action and fun back into professional wrestling. It was an enjoyable evening that left fans clamoring for more and hopefully, both promotions will respond with more that keeps fans excited.

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