5 WWE NXT names that are beyond ready for the main roster

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WWE NXT is putting together the building blocks for the company’s future and these are five acts ready to storm the main roster. 

WWE NXT is a brand that has gone through some changes. From the first iteration of the Black & Gold brand to the widely maligned NXT 2.0, to the current version that is some of the best WWE action each week. There is a plethora of talented performers on the roster, and their utilization each week creates some interesting sports entertainment. And while they continue to thrive, fans are wondering when they will see the top names in NXT move up to the main roster and rub elbows with the top performers on SmackDown and WWE Raw. This list looks at five performers that are ready to make that big jump.

The Creed Brothers & Ivy Nile

The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile, formerly known as Diamond Mine, is a group ready to take over the main roster brand. They offer a type of appeal that is exactly what WWE covets. Since their initial introduction on NXT, this group has grown a strong following among the brand’s faithful. Each one of them brings an opportunity to the main roster in their own way.

The Creed Brothers are destined to be contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship. This group is somehow the perfect amalgamation of The Steiner Brothers and Brock Lesnar. That gives them the space to do ridiculous feats of strength and athleticism in the ring that immediately go viral. Imagine those types of moments on the big stage of Summer Slam, WrestleMania, or other PLEs. Brutus and Julius stand out as a team, but there’s also the opportunity to break them out as individual performers. Many have their eyes on Julius Creed as a potential singles champion of the future.

The main roster women’s division is stacked and Nile would have a longer path to get to the top. With WWE showing hints that a better emphasis on the women’s division is to come, she is someone who could benefit. Watching her rise from the bottom of the division to become a threat to the established names is a move that fans could get behind.