5 WWE NXT names that are beyond ready for the main roster

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Wes Lee

Wes Lee has truly blossomed during his time in WWE NXT. Fans were concerned when he and Nash Carter were split due to the latter’s release from the company. There were a lot of fears that Lee would be lost among the masses. But that would not be the case.

Lee captured the NXT North American Championship in October 2022 and would go on to put together one of the biggest and most surprising runs this year. His 269-day reign with that title not only put that belt on the map but helped put him into the conversation of one of the best “working champions” in wrestling. Lee’s matches consistently stole the show and his catalog includes several that are worth watching today.

Lee would fit on the main roster as a midcard performer. It could be seen as a detriment to see him as a potential Mustafa Ali-like role on the main roster, but he could start there and build. Lee’s character work still needs development, but there is time to help him grow in that area. The main roster continues to put on better matches, giving performers the chance to get over with their in-ring work, and that is one way that Lee could succeed on either SmackDown or Raw.