5 WWE NXT names that are beyond ready for the main roster

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Tyler Bate

The “Big Strong Boy” is ready for the main roster. Tyler Bate is one of the best wrestlers in the world today, and his spot on the list jumps when you focus on performers who are twenty years old or younger. Fans knew he was a star when WWE first brought him in back in 2017, and every time he’s stepped into the ring since, he continues to remind viewers around the world. Tyler Bate is a perfect performer for the main roster and one that would excel under Triple H’s creative leadership.

WWE already opened the door for how he could be introduced to the main roster. He partnered with Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland to take on Gallus on the October 10 edition of WWE NXT. Using that entrance, he could come up to SmackDown to assist those two men in the future. With Sheamus out with injury, bringing Bate up to the main roster to get this unit back to three people and introducing a new performer would be a good step to keep them in front of fans.

Bate versus many of the top performers on either show has the potential to be the match-of-the-year candidate. Think of Tyler Bate versus Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio, Kevin Owens, and many more. Those are the types of matches that would kick off quite the run on the main roster.