Ivar is set for a big run on WWE Monday Night Raw


Ivar has surprised many with his recent run as a singles performer and that should lead to more great matches on WWE Raw. 

There are a lot of reasons to praise the turnaround in WWE’s weekly content. The promotion is now featuring more women, longer matches, and giving new faces time to shine each week. One of those individuals is Ivar, who has enjoyed a surprising singles run over the last few weeks. With so much momentum behind him, WWE must make it a point to keep him hot with frequent victories and a direction up the mid-card.

The October 23 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw featured a vignette with Ivar and Valhalla as the focal point of a Viking ritual. He’s been on a run since Erik was forced out of action back in September. WWE hasn’t made an official statement about Erik’s injury, but multiple media outlets have reported that he’s out due to injury. Rather than keep Ivar off television, he’s been on a run that has seen him gain a cult-level of momentum.

Ivar has had three excellent matches in the last few weeks that caught fans by surprise. He dropped matches to Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods before getting the rematch win over Kingston in a Viking Rules match. While the 50/50 booking isn’t the most effective, it was clear that Ivar’s performance shined in each of those matches. Even going back to the August 28 match where The Viking Raiders defeated The New Day, it was clear that WWE saw something in Ivar.

Ivar would be a good fit in WWE’s mid-card if he’s used in a few different ways. He doesn’t have to be elevated to the point of champion, instead, allow him to put on hard-hitting, fast-paced matches as he’s done in the last few weeks. The WWE Universe hasn’t seen him as a singles performer, so there are several fresh matchups to see. Think about Ivar versus Chad Gable, Cody Rhodes, Ricochet, or others on the show as one-off matches. There are several others like Akira Tozawa that Ivar could pick up wins over on the show as well, he doesn’t have to be seen as glorified enhancement talent.

Or what about a run for Ivar in WWE NXT as a singles performer? Think about Ivar versus Ilja Dragunov in an extended story for the championship. Dragunov should be the one to win, but that would be an exceptional match to see. Again, that brand holds a wealth of talent that would be exciting, first-time matches as well.

Seeing more wrestling on WWE television is delivering, and more stars are standing out each week. Ivar is one that immediately jumps into mind as he’s been putting on some great matches. It will be interesting to see how WWE uses him in the future as his singles run develops.

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