WWE made the right investment giving Lyra Valkyria a big victory on NXT


Lyra Valkyria’s big victory over Becky Lynch sets the tone for WWE NXT and the company’s women’s division as a whole.

The first night of NXT Halloween Havoc was a success. Multiple outlets report the show drew 798,000 viewers, which is a strong showing going up against a big Major League Playoff game. Critically, the show has been well-received by wrestling media personalities and the overall tenor across social media. And with such a big night, WWE made the decision to invest in Lyra Valkyria. It was a big move to have her defeat Becky Lynch in the main event of the show and one that can have long-term benefits.

Lynch versus Valkyria put on an excellent showcase of professional wrestling on October 24. For 16 minutes they told a story of Valkyria trying to overcome her heroine in what was an important match for both women. She was able to get the victory, picking up the NXT Women’s Championship. It was a clean win, without any shenanigans or interference, a true crowning that Valkyria is on the same level as not only Lynch but every other woman on the WWE roster.

Lynch is one of the most popular and important wrestlers in the business today. Not only does she have the power to move the needle in wrestling, but she consistently does that while elevating other names along the way. It was clear that someone was going to defeat Lynch and take that NXT Championship from her, but there was not a clear front-runner. Regardless of who was given that moment, it was clear that she would get “the rub” in a way that very few in the women’s division receive. In the end, it was Lyra Valkyria who did and that is an investment with the potential to pay off big for WWE.

Valkyria is 27 years old with eight years of experience. When she came into WWE in 2020, most of the WWE viewership wasn’t too familiar with who she was. That has completely changed in the last calendar year. In 2023 she’s had 37 matches in WWE NXT, with many against the top names on the brand. WWE wasted no time elevating her up the card and even though she wasn’t picking up big wins right from the very start, WWE made it a point to highlight her as a threat to any champion.

Her victory over Lynch and subsequent run as NXT Women’s Champion will be key in developing the future of NXT’s women’s division and the WWE women’s division. WWE NXT boasts a staked and talented roster of young female competitors ready to be the next generation of the industry. And Valkyria is at the top of that heap. WWE is trusting her as a name that can carry interest in future angles or matches against Kelani Jordan, Cora Jade, Roxanne Perez, Tiffany Stratton, and many more. Don’t expect Valkyria to hit the main roster soon after this big win. Instead, expect her to hold the championship for a lengthy period that will also highlight her peers in NXT.

Becky Lynch versus Lyra Valkyria was a big match that fans and media members alike loved. Valkyria picked up a shocking and important win that will not only set the tone for her future but the future of women’s wrestling in WWE.

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