ATHENA is furious at Billie Starkz after first defeat in ROH


The unthinkable has happened in ROH. ATHENA has lost her first match in ROH. Yes, you read that right.

While she suffered her first loss, she is still undefeated in singles competition and her record of 41 consecutive wins in ROH-sanctioned matches is still intact. Who defeated the “Fallen Goddess”? Mercedes Martinez and Diamanté. It took two women to hand ATHENA her first loss in a Tornado Tag Team Match. And she wasn’t even pinned. Her M.I.T. (Minion in Training), Billie Starkz, was, and of course, that didn’t go over well at all.

Two weeks ago, Martinez and Diamanté attacked ATHENA and Starkz after their match. They attempted to settle it in the ring. At times, it looked like the champ and her M.I.T. would cruise to victory. Fans even saw a more brutal side of Starkz than normal. Unfortunately, while ATHENA was down, Diamanté and Martinez took down Starkz for the win.

A furious champion went after Diamanté while Martinez was holding the title up. She reminded the champ that she never had a rematch. ATHENA defeated Martinez last year at Final Battle to become champion.

Following the match, ATHENA was still enraged and took it out on Starkz. She screamed at her and berated her to the point that it made fellow M.I.T., Lexy Nair, mad. She drove home the point that it was Starkz that made her lose her first match in ROH.

ATHENA said if it weren’t for her, Starkz would be “on DynamiteRampage, and Collision being the 18-year-old sensation that loses every match. But here I am trying to build you up and pull you out of the gutter like the trash that you are to be something special.”

While we’ve seen how vicious ATHENA can be towards fellow competitors, we’ve never seen her speak to Starkz in this manner. She has always given her protégé a hard time, but this was a completely different level.

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ATHENA continues to be ROH’s star and its best storyteller. She is helping to bring up other talent around her while being the best women’s champion today. In the coming weeks, it’ll be fun to watch how her relationship with Starkz evolves (or disintegrates) as she prepares to face Martinez and stay your #ForeverChampion.