Three mid-card feuds that WWE needs to build the division


To strengthen the roster, WWE needs to build out the mid-card with more feuds outside of the title picture. These options are a great starting spot.

WWE is taking steps to develop its women’s division. There’s a lot of work necessary to get it to a place of equity when it comes to time as compared to the men’s division – but the show has shown steps in the right direction. One big complaint has been the lack of mid-card feuds for the women who aren’t in the immediate title hunt. If Triple H is truly going to build the roster and dedicate the time that fans want to a fleshed-out group of competitors, these are three mid-card feuds that would benefit the women’s division.

Candice LeRae versus Nikki Cross

Candice LeRae and Nikki Cross have a story that was started but quickly forgotten about early in 2023. Cross was out looking for friends and wanted to get in good with LeRae, but the latter continued to reject her advances. Cross has shown up on television in recent weeks, staring off into space in what is potentially a developing angle of her own. But setting the stage for her attacking LeRae for that rejection could potentially draw in both her and Indi Hartwell for an extended affair.

Asuka versus Kairi Sane

Asuka versus Kairi Sane has the potential to be a Match of the Year candidate. These are two of the best performers in women’s wrestling today. Multiple reports are that Sane is heading back to WWE, with many expecting her to show up on SmackDown. While it would be too easy to see her back with Asuka to reform the Kabuki Warriors and anchor the women’s tag team division, what about pitting these two women against each other? Imagine Asuka and Sane battling it out for an opportunity to face IYO Sky for the WWE Women’s Championship. Or better yet, throw all three of them into a triple-threat match and let them tear the house down.

Charlotte Flair versus Shotzi

Charlotte Flair and Shotzi are heading toward a makeshift team as they are wrapped up in an angle with Chelsea Green and Piper Niven. Instead of teaming together, it would be interesting to see them compete against one another. Shotzi has such a unique look when compared to her peers and that should be enough to shine some light on her. It would be great to see Flair give some rub to other women on the roster and Shotzi is certainly one that needs it.

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