A mid-card championship would benefit the WWE women’s division


WWE is slowly building the women’s division throughout the company and the group would benefit from a mid-card title. 

According to multiple reports, Vince McMahon is out of the WWE creative business, focusing on other “duties” while Triple H leads all things creative. This has led to the television programming receiving more positive reviews over the last few weeks to month. One thing fans have noticed is more women appear on television each week. As WWE shows the depth that is available in the women’s division, it’s time to consider introducing a mid-card championship for the group.

The WWE women’s division is stacked with talent. People are quick to highlight names like Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Asuka, but even beyond that tier, there are some excellent performers in this group. Candice LeRae, Piper Niven, Alba Fyre, Isla Dawn, Tegan Nox, Xia Li, Mia Yim, Zelina Vega, and more already jumped off the page. And that’s before considering the women developing on the NXT roster. There’s a wealth of talent in this promotion.

And the division is too stacked for only two championships. Rhea Ripley and Iyo Sky are dominating at the top, not leaving a lot of room for women to compete with big stakes throughout the rest of the roster. Developing a mid-card championship would give something for the rest of the ladies to chase and create the space for more to be featured on television and in other ways.

Now, someone is immediately going to point toward WWE’s failure with the women’s tag team championships and division. That is a true statement that speaks to the issues with the last regime and many wonder if it is at a point of no repair. With 35 women on the main roster including the champions, there’s plenty of space to build a tag division that works and an additional title for the women in the mid-card.

A big piece of the solution would be starting slow. Instead of creating a title for both SmackDown and Monday Night Raw, it would make more sense to create one title and have it float between both shows. Build consistency with that title and the women competing for it before trying to do the same thing with two titles. WWE has shown an ability to rebuild the mid-card scene. Look at what GUNTHER is doing with the Intercontinental Championship. While that title seems ahead of the United States Championship, both are in much better places than they were at this same point last year.

Imagine giving someone like Bayley, Alba Fyre, or Vega a long run as a mid-card champion and using that momentum to build a younger star when the time is right. Trish Stratus is still around making a last run and she could even help elevate the roster by participating.

While some will demand that WWE focus on the tag team division first, putting together a mid-card championship for the women’s division would be a benefit as well. There are too many talented women on this roster to keep so much backstage. As more find their way to television and into angles, giving them another prize to chase would help build new stars for fans to get behind and elevate the entire company.

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