Ruthie Jay on NWA Samhain: ‘This is the biggest push of my career’

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On night two of NWA75, one of the biggest upsets in company history occurred when Kenzie Page dethroned Kamille after an incredible 813-day reign as NWA World Women’s Champion. Since then, Page has defended her title three times in as many promotions.

Page’s next title defense came against up-and-comer, Ruthie Jay at NWA Samhain. On the August 28 episode of NWA POWERRR, Jay defeated Natalia Markova and Missa Kate in a Number One Contendership triple threat match.

Ahead of her big match, I had the opportunity to speak with the “Five Star Athlete”. The 23-year-old was born in Haiti and began wrestling in 2020 and was trained by none other than Gangrel. By that point, Jay was living in Florida.

“My sister’s husband’s brother wrestled and he knew Gangrel had a school and knew I was in Florida. He recommended me to the school. Went to go check it out and you know, Gangrel, at first he was a hard (expletive). Slowly, but surely he grew to love me and I grew to love him. We have a great coach dynamic and he helps me out a lot. I honestly would not be here without him. So, I’m thankful for Gangrel because your coaches do matter because they teach you everything. Fortunately, he taught me well.”

When asked about the best advice that Gangel gave her, Jay replied,  “I always say this because it is, the journey is the jewel. Experience it now. You’re always chasing the future– chasing, chasing, chasing. Like literally, I woke up this morning, I was in New York and now I’m in Miami. That just happened before it was even 12 o’clock. You appreciate your life because it’s exciting. I woke up and I’m somewhere else. I love life.”

Ruthie Jay on women’s wrestling

A hot topic amongst wrestling fans is how women are showcased, particularly in larger promotions. Of the NWA women’s division, Jay believes that they are showcased very well. “They don’t try to put us to the sidelines or anything. Because one of my biggest matches before this one was a hardcore match. We were able to go all out like the men and I appreciate that. It was like, ‘okay, they’re giving us a chance to shine too. It wasn’t just like a one-on-one, it was a group effort. Everyone had to come together and we had one of the best matches that night. Hands down.”

“I feel like the NWA women’s division is like one of the best divisions to be a part of. Everyone is so professional backstage and we’re also respected by our peers as equals because there’s not that many of us.”

There are so many opinions on what women’s wrestling should look like and how it should be booked. From Jay’s perspective, it’s subjective. “For me, what I think should happen in a women’s division is you know, they should step away from more female-induced storylines. Like, ‘I’m jealous of this ‘– petty stuff that would get you to fight like that. If you wanted to be taken more like athletes, like some things, some storylines that they still do that they see as ‘female problems’. More storylines of what women would care about, like women of today’s age. That’s what I would say about booking.”

“Booking should be someone who’s on top and who has everything. If they’re going to be a champion, they have to have the look, the in-ring ability, and the mic skills. All three, just like how the men should have. That’s all I can say about the division. So for me, how I would like my booking to look like, right now, I honestly feel like I’m getting one of the biggest pushes of my career. I recently just won a title. I won the CCW Women’s Championship, so if I become ‘Ruthie Two Belts’ that’s my booking right there. Any title, but hopefully the NWA World Women’s Championship. But, ‘Ruthie Two Belts’ is the booking.”

Goals as champion

Should Jay become champion, her first goal would be “to wrestle and beat Kamille. Only to know that I can do it if the roles were reversed. My first goal when I got to NWA was I wanted to beat her for the title. So now in reverse, my goal is to beat you.”

Jay says the “Five Star Athlete” gesture she does is inspired by Mercedes Moné and that’s someone she wants to face. She’d also like to face ATHENA. In NWA, she’d like to face Markova. “Hopefully something crazy because’s she crazy too.” Another dream opponent is Bianca Belair. “She’s so strong. She’d probably throw me from one ring to the other.” (laughs)

Unfortunately, Jay was unsuccessful against Page at NWA Samhain. However, this was a huge match for her and just the beginning. Ruthie Jay is one to watch.