Top five wrestling events fans must attend

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 23: Crowds cheer at the WWE SummerSlam 2015 at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on August 23, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 23: Crowds cheer at the WWE SummerSlam 2015 at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on August 23, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images) /

Watching pro wrestling on television is one thing, but getting an in-person experience in some form is something that every fan should see. 

As fans, we watch television shows weekly and pay-per-view events and wish that we could attend.  While no single person can attend every event, it’s still neat to see thousands of people on television every week at shows.

But which events are the ones wrestling fans should absolutely attend?  Which ones should we miss?  While there’s no perfect way to figure this out, a guide to help fans is the next best thing.

In this article, I’ll be listing my top five events wrestling fans should attend.  Some picks might be controversial, and some might leave people scratching their heads, but at the end of the day, these are the events every wrestling fan should attend.

An independent wrestling show

Yes, this is something that won’t be seen on television, at best it’ll either be up on YouTube or you can watch via a streaming service or get a copy of a show on DVD.  But this is something very important to pro wrestling.  This is where you could possibly see the future stars of wrestling begin mastering their craft.

The first independent wrestling show I attended was in 2007 and looking back on the show now, I had no idea that some of the wrestlers would end up making it to weekly television.  Wrestlers like Claudio Castagnoli, Ricochet, Chuck Taylor, and Sara Del Rey would end up being featured wrestlers from that moment forward.  The independent wrestling scene has become more important to the existence of pro wrestling in the last twenty years than ever before.

If we don’t have the smaller wrestling promotions running monthly shows, where else would we see wrestlers that could end up being the future of our sport?  An independent wrestling show is a fun, affordable event for the whole family and can bring a fan their first look at the future.

Attend a house show

House shows aren’t as big as they used to be but can still be a fun time.  You can go to a WWE show or an AEW show and see wrestlers that normally you wouldn’t see on television get a chance to entertain the fans in a better setting.  No cameras, no televisions, just the spotlight and the fans in the arena.

If you’re lucky, you could see a title change hands at a house show.  While those hardly happen anymore, the possibility of your favorite wrestler challenging for a championship and possibly winning is a big deal to any wrestling fan.  You could be a witness to history without millions of people at home watching.

A house show is a fun event to watch wrestlers not only wrestle but sometimes be themselves.  They go out of character at times and give the fans a great time at the arena.


This is an interesting selection but believe me, it is worth going.  It doesn’t have to be a wrestling convention that you attend, you could go to a comic convention or a car convention and there’s a good chance that a wrestler or two will be there signing autographs.

One of the great things about conventions besides meeting wrestlers you get to meet other fans.  They are more than likely from wherever you live and could have different opinions on certain wrestlers and wrestling promotions, but you are with people who share the same passion you do.

Plus, you can bring your children along and introduce them to the wrestlers you grew up watching and perhaps they will end up being a fan of your favorite wrestler from when you were a child.  I’ve been to many conventions, and I can tell you it is a fantastic experience and a great environment for any fan from young to old.

Conventions are these big gatherings of people that bring everybody together and you will have a great time.

Go to a televised event

I had to combine a television show and a pay-per-view for this one as basically, they are one and the same.  The only difference is what is on the marquee.  Attending a weekly television show like WWE Raw or AEW Dynamite is a fun time.  You are the audience in the arena for that week’s show.  You play a role in the action of the show and how everything goes.

It is something that everybody should try to attend no matter what the show is.  If it’s held on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, this is must-see entertainment.  But then, there are pay-per-view events.

It’s the bright lights, the pyro, the big matches that take place.  Some to end a feud, some to continue an ongoing story.  Pay-per-view is something that not a lot of people can do since these events are held in major towns.

Also, since WWE has started to announce pay-per-view events taking place in other countries like Wales, England, and Germany to name a few, the chance to attend a pay-per-view event is getting smaller.  But when you do go it is worth every single dollar.  The roar of the crowd and the excitement in the voices of everybody in the arena make it all worth it.

Attend a Wrestlemania

This is a no-brainer number one pick.  It is the single biggest wrestling event of the year.  This is the show that every single wrestling fan wants to attend, they dream of going to Wrestlemania to see history.

This goes back to my selection earlier of going to a wrestling convention, except this one event brings people from all over the world.  Wrestlemania brings people from almost every continent to this one event.  Cities are now bidding on hosting Wrestlemania.  While other sporting events like the Super Bowl, the Final Four, and the World Series may have more people watching, Wrestlemania has more people from all over the world coming together for one glorious weekend in the spring.

To attend a Wrestlemania would be the equivalent of seeing The Beatles in concert or meeting the President of the United States, it is that big of an event.  Only so many people can go to Wrestlemania each year and if you ever attend one Wrestlemania in your life, it is worth every single dollar.

The granddaddy of all wrestling events, Wrestlemania is the number one event any wrestling fan should attend.  It will be a night you’ll never forget.

Those are my choices for the five events any wrestling fan should attend.  No matter how big or small an event is, it is an experience going and being with your wrestling friends and family to attend these events.  These are moments you’ll never forget.

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