WWE isn’t booking John Cena right

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 01: John Cena during WrestleMania Goes Hollywood at SoFi Stadium on April 01, 2023 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 01: John Cena during WrestleMania Goes Hollywood at SoFi Stadium on April 01, 2023 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

John Cena recently suffered another loss this past weekend at Crown Jewel to Solo Sikoa, but many are questioning if that’s the right way to go with the legendary John Cena.

A simple enough title…to the point and succinct, and really there isn’t any other way to put it. John Cena is the absolute greatest pro wrestler of all time, and WWE isn’t doing him or his legacy justice right now.

This of course comes off of yet another loss for John Cena in recent years, and really it should have gone another way entirely. Recently, when they (WWE) first started with the whole angle about Cena not having a win and for quite some time—since 2018 was the general chorus repeated many times—I really thought they were going to let him have one, a win that is.

I mean he deserves it. The current WWE platform was established on his very powerful and capable shoulders; he would at least deserve that at least. Right?!

But no…they made him suffer yet another loss, and at a time when he is showing, as he has always done, that he is ready and willing to be there, dedicate his time to the product, and be there for the duration of what seems like quite the lengthy run. And make no mistake about it, a John Cena return, no matter the length, is always lucrative business for WWE, as a piece published at Forbes last year proves.

He has always gone that extra mile, always supported, promoted, and believed in the machine that is WWE, and has done it with class and dedication. But now he is a legend, a man who has gone on to pursue his dreams in Hollywood, and like many before him, he deserves that opportunity, and he’s running with it with many acting performances under his belt.

So if the man decides to return to the realm of pro wrestling, and give back to the company, perhaps a little more care should be taken in protecting his legacy. I was there as a fan for his rise in pro wrestling. I remember The Prototype, I remember him coming out on SmackDown and stepping up, ruthless aggression and all, to none other than Kurt Angle.

And I’m there now, rooting him on in Hollywood, and yeah, I see him starring alongside the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio one day soon…I see all that potential in him now and I saw it in him then, and truthfully he shattered expectations—mine and the expectations of the naysayers he encountered throughout his career.

These days, the boos from the past have turned to cheers because one and all recognize the status that goes along with his name…the work he put in, the sacrifice…they see it now; the cheers at the end of the match on Saturday show that.

If WWE is intent on giving the universe what they want, as they always like to boast, respectfully, I’d like to say that they are dropping the ball in this department big time.

And I more than understand the concept of “making” younger stars. That is more than necessary and it should be done, and sure, John is going to have to lose to the up-and-comers, but eventually, not right off the bat.

How does it make sense that after talking all that trash, Austin Theory gets to beat John Cena, which he did at Mania? How does it make sense that Solo Sikoa gets to beat John Cena? It doesn’t right now, plain and simple.

For each of those matches, there should have been a defeat for the up-and-comer in the equation, and a devastating one at that, even though Sikoa and Theory are heels, it would have been interesting to watch them work for it a little more.

To return and win by any means necessary in at least a second match would have kept Cena’s legacy intact, and it would have totally “made” the younger stars in the process, essentially allowing them to show one and all that they could beat the legendary and all-powerful Cena.

They (Theory and Sikoa) are both great talents who no doubt have great futures ahead of them, and I root for them both, but the way WWE Creative is building it now, they’re lowering John’s power quotient by making him lose every time out, and that will eventually get to the point of people saying: “Oh, we’ve got Grayson Waller vs. John Cena…well, Grayson’s gonna win, everyone beats John Cena.”

That pained me even just to write as an example, dear readers, but that is the potential general consensus being built here with this current line of creative for the GOAT, John Cena, and why does he deserve that?

He absolutely doesn’t, especially after everything he’s done.

I can understand the losses to Roman…fine, I get it, but this recent string of losses is a problem that WWE needs to take a look at for sure.

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If they want to “make” a younger star, you need to first build up John Cena to the status of an immovable object they need to get through on their way to the top…and then they truly become something once that immovable object is done away with figuratively. Hogan and Andre, people…Hogan and Andre. Lest we forget where we came from, dear readers.